Google Maps Upgrades New Look and Features on its 15th Birthday

Google Maps Fresh logo & Features

It’s tough for most of us to recall what life was like before the invention of Google Maps. For its 15th birthday, Google Maps is getting a fresh look on iOS and Android, along with more information for public transportation, improvements to Live View, and even a fun limited-time party car icon. The most noticeable update to Google Maps on mobile devices is its new layout, which has been redesigned to feature five tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute, and Updates.


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Fortnite: Battle Royale – Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

Fortnite: Battle Royale – Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

The second week of Fortnite’s fifth season started this morning, and with it comes a challenge you might find pretty tricky to complete: “Search between an oasis, rock archway, and dinosaurs.”

Off of the name alone, you’d be right in assuming the end location is in the newly added dessert, but where exactly? We’ll show you:

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

As you can see, you’re aiming for a spot that’s north of the unnamed town in the southeastern part of the map. Specifically what you’re looking for is a small mountain. The Battle Star is on the side of that mountain.

To save yourself the trouble of building up to it, you can land right on it if you keep an eye out for the rock outcropping and the cactus on the side of that mountain. You can see them just to the right of our umbrella-wielding friend here:

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

Once you land there, the Battle Star will be right smack dab between the rock and the cactus. Bingo, an easy tier on your Battle Pass complete.

You can see the dinosaurs just to the south and east of this location:

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

The rock archway is to the north and east, and the oasis is just over to the west.

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

And here’s the exact location of the Battle Star:

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway And Dinosaurs

The Battle Star is located right under the bigger mesa, but above the small stream that runs at ground level from the Oasis—so you’ll either need to drop down from above or build up to that small ledge in-between if you don’t glide there directly. It’s on the lower, more southern ledge on the eastern flank of the big mesa.

Remember: Going here right away is risky. Players will flock to this point on the map right when the challenge goes live, so be prepared to run or fight.

You might want to do both, though running up to Paradise Palms isn’t a bad idea either, since eliminating players in that urban area is one of this week’s other 10 star challenges. You might also play some 50 vs 50 if you want to avoid a fight since—if your team has that half of the map—you’ll be able to go here with a lower chance of being attacked.

Whatever course you take, hopefully this guide helps you—not only on your path to Tier 100, but also in your quest to unlock the secret Road Trip Outfit. For that one you’ll need to complete every weekly challenge for seven separate weeks. No small task, but a badge of honor for anyone with the skill and gumption to make it happen.

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4G Speed: India positions behind Pakistan, remains at 109th place out of 124 nations

4G Speed: India positions behind Pakistan, remains at 109th place out of 124 nations

4G Speed: India positions behind Pakistan, remains at 109th place out of 124 nations

4G Speed : The accessibility of 4G has enhanced fundamentally in India as of late yet the speed at which these 4G associations work stay terrible. Truth be told, so terrible is the 4G speed offered by telecom organizations that it is more regrettable than what 4G clients in neighboring Pakistan get.

4G Speed: India positions behind Pakistan, remains at 109th place out of 124 nations

When 5G preliminaries and optic-based broadband are guaranteed by telecom mammoths in the nation, a report from speed testing stage Ookla uncovers the wretched situation of India’s 4G web network.

India may have prevailing with regards to making 4G accessible in more territories however that hasn’t helped the issue of recordings buffering and delaying on 4G associations. As indicated by an Economic Times report, the normal 4G LTE information speed in India has stayed consistent for over multi year at around 6.1Mbps, considerably less than the worldwide normal of around 17Mbps. This makes the nation one of the slowest among 124 nations on the rundown as far as 4G speeds.

India positions 109th in the rundown of 124 nations. The normal download speed on 4G associations in India is not as much as what telephone clients in neighboring nations like Pakistan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka get. The normal 4G download velocities of Pakistan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka are 13.56 Mbps, 15.56 Mbps, and 13.95 Mbps, separately.

In India, the normal speed is 9.12 Mbps. As per Ookla report, the development of cell phone clients and an expansion in the quantity of portable web clients in India could be one reason for the moderate web association in India. At the point when there are more individuals on the portable web, the telecom systems get clog and that prompts poor speed.

Range designation could likewise be a purpose behind the poor 4G speed in India. “The range per administrator in India is low contrasted with different nations, which prompts low range per endorser, in this way moderate 4G organize speeds, Rajan Mathews, executive general of the Cellular Operators Association of India, was refered to as saying.


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Netflix Stock Drops 14% – Subscriber Growth and Revenue fall short

Netflix Stock Drops 14% – Subscriber Growth and Revenue fall short

Netflix Stock Drops 14% - Subscriber Growth and Revenue fall short

Netflix plunged 14% in afterhours trading following an earnings report that showed its closely watched subscriber-growth metric hit a serious speed bump in the second quarter.

Netflix shares erased two months worth of stock gains after saying that it added about 5.2 million users in the second-quarter—a healthy increase in itself, yet significantly below what analysts had been forecasting. The company added 670,000 new subscribers in the US, compared with the 1.2 million forecast. International subscribers grew by 4.5 million, also below the 5.1 million consensus figure.

“We slowly adjust pricing over time to mitigate forex moves over the longer term, but when currency movements are rapid, they will affect our near term operating margin,” Netflix wrote. “We’ll tend to outperform our near term operating margin targets on dollar weakness and underperform on dollar strength.”

Adding to investor concerns, Netflix warned that it expected to add 5 million customers this quarter, which is not only below Wall Street forecasts, but also a slower pace than what Netflix saw a year ago.

Netflix has long been a volatile stock before the earnings report, share price of Netflix Stock had doubled in value since the beginning of 2018. Much of that rise came from a growing confidence among investors that the company’s seemingly flawless execution on its growth plans would continue.

Netflix Stock Drops 14% - Subscriber Growth and Revenue fall short

The subscriptions figures were especially disappointing considering that Netflix had been consistently adding more new subscribers than expected for several quarters running. Netflix Stock had risen between 2% and 14% following its earnings report in the previous four quarters.

Netflix revenue rose by 40% to $3.9 billion, roughly in line with analyst forecasts. Its net income rose to 85 cents a share, above the 79 cents Wall Street had been expecting.

Netflix shares erased two months worth of Netflix Stock gains after saying that it added about 5.2 million users in the second-quarter—a healthy increase in itself, yet significantly below what analysts had been forecasting. The company added 670,000 new subscribers in the US, compared with the 1.2 million forecast. International subscribers grew by 4.5 million, also below the 5.1 million consensus figure.

More than revenue or profit figures, Netflix investors look to the new-subscriptions metric as an indicator of its overall health, given that it shows whether the company’s aggressive investments in new programming are continuing to bring in a bigger audience.

“We continue to see debt as the most optimal choice, the most cost-effective source of capital for the company,” said Wells. “Obviously we’d love to get to that point where we’re organically and self-funding content, and we do see a point where we can get there. But until we do, we see as debt as the right choice in terms of cost of capital,” he said.

Netflix is projected to spend between 12 billion and $13 billion on original programming this year, significantly more than any of its rivals. In some ways, that kind of spending has paid off. Netflix received 112 Emmy nominations last week, surpassing HBO in the number of nominations for the first time. (Netflix Stock Slammed)

But for last quarter at least, that spending didn’t yield any new must-view programs like the breakout hit Stranger Things. Without enough hits like that, Netflix runs the risk of signing up fewer new subscribers or of losing them to other streaming rivals such as Amazon Prime Video or HBO.

“We had a strong but not stellar Q2,” Netflix execs wrote in their quarterly letter to shareholders. “This Q2, we over-forecasted global net additions… as acquisition growth was slightly lower than we projected.”

Netflix revenue rose by 40% to $3.9 billion, roughly in line with analyst forecasts. Its net income rose to 85 cents a share, above the 79 cents Wall Street had been expecting.

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Google Map vs Apple Map – Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

Google Map vs Apple Map – Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

Apple is trying to get more people to use Apple Maps. Despite being available on every Apple device, Maps has never quite garnered the popularity of Google Maps or CityMapper. So developers are rebuilding the app from the ground up. The new Apple Maps, debuting later this year, will be faster to respond to roadblocks and delays, whether users are walking, driving or using public transportation, Macworld reports. New satellite imagery will allow Apple to map out trails (currently available on Google, but not Apple Maps).

Maps will send users in cars information about traffic. If you’re walking or cycling, Maps could recommend shortcuts through parks or trails.

Search results are also under improvement. The new search will prioritize local results, so the map will show the restaurant that’s closet, not one that’s two continents away.

The old version of Maps relied on data from deo data brokers like OpenStreetMap and TomTom. When new Maps premieres, it will have its own map, developed with “first-party data gathered by iPhones with a privacy-first methodology and its own fleet of cars packed with sensors and cameras,” according to TechCrunch. Apple Maps vans started circulating the streets in 2015. The data collected by the vans will make its debut in this new version of Maps.

Apple has gone to great lengths to preserve privacy while collecting travel data from iOS devices. Basically, the beginning and end points of each trip will never be sent to Apple (so the company will not be able to tell where you’re coming from and where you’re going to), and all data transmitted will be anonymized. This will allow the company to tell how many people are in transit, but not who is traveling.

The new Maps app will launch in San Francisco with iOS 12, and then expand around northern California in the fall.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: The Comparision

For nearly seven years, Google Maps was the de facto mapping service on iOS and macOS devices — until Apple decided to release a competing version of the software in 2012. However, what seemed like a smart move for the tech giant on paper ended up turning into a PR nightmare. Apple Maps received tons of criticism for incorrect directions, a lack of support for public transportation, and various other glitches and bugs that made the service nearly unusable.

Shortly after being removed as a default installation on Apple products, Google Maps became available as a free download in the App Store. For a time, Google Maps was the most popular free app on the platform. While both apps are similar in terms of function and cost, there are a few key differences that might influence which mapping service you use. We’ll lay them out for you here.


Before you’ve even entered a location or begun navigating, you’ll notice a few differences in the way maps are represented. On Apple Maps, the surfaces are flatter and show more default locations. The user interface is also clean and simple. You can search for a specific location using the search bar at the bottom of the screen and change the map settings (map, satellite, or transit) by tapping the information button in the upper right. Apple also has custom icons for landmarks such as the Empire State Building, and you can see the current weather at whatever location you’re looking at in the lower right.

Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map  Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

As for Google Maps, there are fewer icons initially presented on the screen, but more options to change your map: Explore, driving, transit, satellite, terrain, traffic, and biking. Google also has 3D models of most buildings (i.e. The Empire State Building actually looks like the building and not just like a flat rectangle). Apple has these in some locations, but not as often as Google Maps. Both apps have a current location button on the screen — the arrow on Apple Maps and the bull’s-eye on Google Maps. Google also has a Google Assistant button, quick access to input an address, and settings for your Google account and map (Apple has these functions as well, but they are built into your device’s OS).

When it comes to the actual navigation screen, Apple’s is once again very simple (particularly if you choose driving as your mode of transportation). There are not a lot of icons on the screen, which limits distractions if you’re using the app while driving. If you zoom in or choose the walking option, you’ll see more locations. Google has slightly more icons, but most of them are gas stations and parking lots; places you’d likely stop at if you were driving. Similarly, if you choose the walking mode, you’ll see more general locations.

Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map  Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

Both base their arrival estimations on current traffic conditions. Red sections along your route indicate heavy traffic, yellow is moderate traffic, and blue is no or little traffic. You may also see various alerts, from accidents to road closures. Google is a bit clearer when it comes to how traffic will impact your commute by showing the travel time in red to indicate there is heavy traffic. Other than the differences mentioned above, this section is very similar for both versions. Google has a few more options on the main screen, such as sound, compass, and quick search, making it easier to tweak your settings on the fly. This information is available on Apple Maps as well, but you have to pull up from the bottom portion of the screen and press the corresponding category, which makes it a bit trickier.

Standout features

There are some standout features for Apple Maps, such as is its integration with iOS. Tell Siri where you want to go, and she’ll start the process for you. You can also open maps, cancel an in-progress route, and make other small adjustments using just your voice. Apple Maps also uses vector graphics, which means you’ll end up using slightly less data than if you were using Google Maps. One of the coolest features for Apple Maps, though, is Flyover Mode. This feature enables you to explore densely populated urban centers in 3D landscapes composed of models of buildings and structures. Flyover also has what are known as City Tours, which guide you around various landmarks in a city. There is no real equivalent in Google Maps (although Google Tour Creator comes close).

Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

As for Google, there is a lot that stands out for this service. Where Apple has Flyover mode, Google has Street View, which provides panoramic views of many streets around the world. Google also lets you customize your routes by adding stops and avoiding tolls. But two of the biggest draws for Google Maps are Google’s bicycle maps and offline accessibility. In a bike-friendly city, this is really handy, and Apple Maps simply doesn’t have that functionality. Apple Maps recently added bike-sharing stations to its list of places, but that’s not really the same, is it? Google also has primo offline planning for those with limited access to WiFi or data. While Apple Maps uses slightly less data than Google Maps, Google makes up for that by allowing you to download entire sections of maps for offline use.

Other differences

Another (and obvious) difference between Apple and Google’s mapping services is that one is owned by Google and the other is owned by Apple. This is worth considering when it comes to how your data is stored and when your app will be updated. Google has different policies when it comes to how much of your data is collected and what it can do with it. Google’s app has received criticism over the location history tracking page, and if you’re concerned about privacy, Apple Maps may be a better choice. On the other hand, Apple Maps is only updated when you update iOS, whereas Google rolls updates into Google Maps whenever it feels like it. It’s also worth noting that while both apps are currently available on Apple devices, you won’t be finding Apple Maps on your Android phone or Windows computer anytime soon, which could be problematic for users who don’t exclusively own Apple products.

Google Map vs Apple Map - Apple Map is Improving to Beat Google Map

On the software side of things, Google tends to have better small city mapping data than Apple. This might just be because Google Maps has been around for longer, but for people who don’t live in a big city, or don’t rely on a car for their primary mode of transportation, it can make a big difference. Google also has information regarding opening times of businesses, descriptions, photos, and user-generated star ratings. Apple has this as well, but less often. Apple does also include TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other third-party app ratings.

So while Apple Maps has made a lot of improvements over the last six years, and works well in major cities, Google Maps is still years ahead of the competition and definitely our top pick. Check out our Google Maps tips and tricks to get even more out of it.


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5 New iPad, Mac Models Spotted in Eurasian Database, Launch Expected Soon

5 New iPad, Mac Models Spotted in Eurasian Database, Launch Expected Soon

5 New iPad, Mac Models Spotted in Eurasian Database, Launch Expected Soon

5 New iPad, Mac Models Spotted : In another improvement, five new iPad models and five new Mac models have showed up on the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database, recommending a dispatch soon. Generally, after Apple items appear on the Eurasian database, they get propelled about multi month later, and if these models were to take after a similar example, we can expect a dispatch at some point in August or September. All the iPads keep running on iOS 11, while all the five Mac models keep running on macOS 10.13, which is peculiar as the new models ought to be in a perfect world running on iOS 12 and macOS Mojave that have just been reported.

5 New iPad, Mac Models Spotted in Eurasian Database, Launch Expected Soon

The posting, found by Consomac, proposes that there will be five Mac PCs with demonstrate numbers A1931, A1932, A1988, A1989, A1990 and five new iPads with display numbers A1876, A2013, A1934, A1979, A2014. The Mac display numbers propose that the last three might be MacBook Pro SKUs, which are independently anticipated that would get a revive with Intel Coffee Lake CPUs on board. There’s additionally a section level MacBook anticipated from Apple that has been reputed for a long time now. The iPad display numbers are in no string position and are extremely irregular. As the new iPad (2018) was at that point propelled in March, we anticipate that an invigorate will the iPad Pros.

Prior in the year, new iPhone models, actually eleven of them, were spotted on the Eurasian database, showing the dispatch of the iPhone SE 2, however that didn’t occur. Truth be told, the organization is currently reputed to have racked that variation by and large.

Be that as it may, preceding this, all Eurasian database spottings have prompted discharges around multi month later. A valid example being the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, and AirPods; every one of them were recorded on the database in August 2016, only multi month before the official arrival of the considerable number of gadgets. In February this year too, the new iPad (2018) with Pencil bolster was recorded on EEC, and we saw it divulge at the training occasion in March.

In any case, the iPhone posting in April was a missed shot by Apple, and it had never floundered on this convention until at that point. Perhaps it was a consider move by the tech goliath to break the anticipated example, or possibly the iPhone SE 2 saw a last minute wiping out because of differed creation challenges. The genuine truth is something we may never know.


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The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Relaunch – Getting a New Wireless Controller

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Relaunch - Getting a New Wireless Controller And is finally back in stocka

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Relaunch – Getting a New Wireless Controller

Nintendo’s much-sought NES Classic Edition is finally back in stock

Nintendo is relaunching the miniature NES Classic today, but that’s not all retro fans have to get excited about. 8BitDo has also announced a new, redesigned wireless controller for the micro-console, which is available today for preorder. The company previously made the best wireless option for the NES Classic back in 2016, and while the new version isn’t a huge shift, it does include a few notable improvements.

The biggest change is the addition of a dedicated home button, something Nintendo still hasn’t added, even with the SNES Classic follow-up. The gamepad also features a slightly different layout, with the four main face buttons arranged in a square, as opposed to a cross, and a new darker color scheme. Other than that, the new controller — dubbed the N30 2.4G — is virtually the same as its predecessor, with 2.4G wireless, a rechargeable battery, and a basic adaptor that makes for a simplified plug-and-play experience.

It’s not clear when the new controller will start shipping, but you can preorder now for $24.99.

Nintendo re-released the NES Classic Edition due to its popularity among fans. The company first released the miniaturized gaming system in 2016, when it sold out quickly due to high demand. And last year, the Japanese gaming giant released the Super NES Classic Edition which, as expected, quickly flew off shelves after retailers got a hold of them.

Available for $59.99, the NES Classic Edition brings back mid-1980s nostalgia for gamers. The re-released set includes 30 pre-loaded games, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and The Legend of Zelda.

Where to Buy


The NES Classic Edition is available on Amazon’s website, as well as in Amazon Books stores around the country. As of Friday morning, there were only a few gaming systems left on Amazon’s website, so act fast. Customers traveling to Amazon Books locations can check the availability at the store ahead of time using the Amazon app, the retail giant said.

Best Buy

Best Buy made the NES Classic Edition gaming systems available on June 29 in stores and online. However, by mid-morning on Friday, the console was already sold out online. Customers who lined up outside before they were re-released were only able to purchase one system per person, the company said.

It’s likely Best Buy will re-stock its shelves and online store with consoles, so keep checking back if you haven’t purchased one already.


GameStop is also selling the NES Classic Edition, with products available online and in stores around the country. The NES Classic Edition will arrive by July 3 if purchased Friday, according to GameStop, and customers can check availability by calling their local store ahead of time.


The NES Classic Edition was sold out on Target’s website as of Friday morning, but it’s possible products are still available in stores. Customers can check their store’s availability online here, where they can narrow their searches down to include locations near them with NES Classic Editions still available.


The product appeared to have been available online at ThinkGeek, but the site was sold out by mid-morning on Friday.


If you’re willing to pay a bit more, eBay may be an option. NES Classic Edition gaming consoles are available on the online store for around $80 and up, with some going for more than $100.

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Azad Hind News

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Fortnite Update: New Playground Mode

Fortnite Update: New Playground Mode

Fortnite Update: New Playground Mode

The new mode will give you the freedom to experiment in Fortnite’s world… once Epic Games gets version 4.5 to work

If you were hoping to get into the Playground limited time mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale tonight, you’re out of luck. Epic just confirmed that the highly-anticipated mode will not be returning tonight. It looks like we’ll have to wait for more info in the morning. There is not, at this moment, any estimate for when Playground will be returning.

Epic elaborated on the situation in a Reddit post, saying that there were “multiple teams” working on getting Playground back online. As with anything Fortnite, there’s a lot of pressure on those developers. The playground is a new creative mode that lets players explore the island, build and even scrimmage with their friends without the pressure of opponents in a battle royale. It’s essentially a private island for you and your friends, complete with respawns and extra building materials to let you run wild. It’s the sort of thing that players have been looking forward to for a long time.

The playground was actually live for a few moments this morning, and by all accounts, some people were able to sign in and go nuts with the new freewheeling exploration and building mode. Matchmaking problems and long queues reared their heads soon enough, and Epic took the mode down shortly after it went live. Players were…not pleased. The excitement surrounding the mode quickly turned to disappointment, and the long wait isn’t helping much.

In addition to the problems with Playground, Epic said it had received other reports of stability and performance issues. The developer issued a patch on PC early this evening to address those issues.

It’s important to remember that Fortnite adds content near-constantly and that unexpected problems can happen any time you add new features into the game. All in all, the game is pretty stable, especially when compared to some of its competition.

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Azad Hind News

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E3 2018 Nintendo: Top Announcements

E3 2018 Nintendo: Top Announcements

E3 2018 Nintendo: Top Announcements

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, Fire Emblem, and more – Fans are really happy about Nintendo’s E3 Presentation

E3 2018 Nintendo: Top Announcements

Nintendo just delivered an incredible presentation at E3 2018, the biggest week for the video game industry. On Tuesday Nintendo’s presentation pulled it off by keeping it simple and focusing on games. And those games are actually arriving in the next six months – E3 2018 Nintendo: Top Announcements

Big players like Microsoft, Sony, and publishers like Ubisoft and Bethesda had already debuted their new coming. But all eyes were on Nintendo as the only big presentation on Tuesday.

Nintendo, then again, doesn’t hold live question and answer sessions at E3. By any stretch of the imagination.

Rather, it films pre-recorded recordings and puts them online at a given time, which it fittingly calls “Nintendo Direct.” Nintendo holds a few of these “Direct” video declarations consistently, yet E3 is the place Nintendo centers around the diversions turning out finished the following year.

This is for those who missed the whole presentation:

By shooting its introduction early, Nintendo can control the general stream of the show, all the way, by utilizing smart altering, music, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, there is a sure appeal to live occasions, however as Nintendo has appeared, the main thing that truly matters at last is regardless of whether individuals were inspired with what they saw. So whether it’s live or pre-recorded, introduction matters – and Nintendo surely by having more control.

Nintendo chooses to play it safe with this year’s E3 keynote.  Focusing more on soon to be released titles that people will actually be able to play in the coming months. They are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, and Pokémon: Let’s Go! Rather than offering updates on no-shows announced last year like Metroid Prime 4.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The conspicuous superstar amid Nintendo’s E3 feature is Super Smash Bros. Extreme. This will include a gigantic program of more than 60 contenders containing each and every Smash Bros. character to ever show up in the arrangement, including all the DLC characters from Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS.

Truth be told, it burned through 24 out of the 42 add up to minutes of its Nintendo Direct video discussing “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dispatches on December 7 solely for Nintendo Switch.

Striking features:

  • The new list will incorporate each character from past “Super Smash Bros.” diversions. And furthermore new characters like the Inklings from Nintendo’s more up to date “Splatoon” establishment and the hotly anticipated Ridley from the “Metroid” amusements.
  • A lot of levels from other “Super Smash Bros.” recreations will return, yet there will be new maps too.
  • You can play the amusement with any Nintendo Switch controller, or any Nintendo GameCube controller (sold independently).
  • Nintendo made “tens of  thousands” of updates to how the amusement really plays, from level-plan changes. It is to changes in what characters look like and play, to the numerous things accessible to be utilized as a part of the diversion, to “Final Smash” assaults, and that’s just the beginning.
The Game Play Videos Are Here:

Not much was said in regards to modes, but rather we know eight-player fights return. Extreme will likewise bolster all Amiibo figures and have GameCube controller bolster. The help will be accessible by means of the connector that initially propelled with Super Smash Bros. on Wii U.

Super Mario Party

Following a years-in length dry spell, “Mario Party” will make its triumphant come back with the arrival of “Super Mario Party”.

“Super Mario Party” brings back the well-known minigame arrangement bigly, with some extremely inventive better approaches to play with others. It underpins up to four individuals (this is a gathering, all things considered), and it arrives October 5.

Mario Party is advancing toward the Switch, much the same as every one of those early trailers of housetop Switch parties appeared to guarantee each one of those years prior. Super Mario Party appears as though it’ll be taking focal points of the Switch’s capacities in extremely intriguing ways when it releases on October fifth.

The Trailer is Here

Some portion of the charm of the Switch is its creative, convenient plan. Nintendo will gain by that with Super Mario Party, the following passage in the long-running gathering amusement arrangement. The trailer demonstrated that you can consolidate two Switch comforts in tabletop mode to play on two screens. Every player just needs a solitary Joy-Con to play the smaller than usual diversions, some of which likewise will exploit movement controls. Up to eight players can play at one time.

It’s been a long time since the last “Mario Party” diversion was accessible, yet that was on the Wii U support, which didn’t offer exceptionally well. For some, it’s presumable been quite a while since they’ve seen or played a “Mario Party” amusement.

Super Mario Party launches October 5 on Switch

So as one of Nintendo’s most famous establishments and one of the longest-running minigame arrangement ever, fans were charmed to see another passage going to the Nintendo Switch: “Super Mario Party.”

From what Nintendo appeared, “Super Mario Party” seems as though a standout amongst the most innovative amusements Nintendo has ever thought of.

In the event that you’ve never played “Mario Party,” expect a virtual table game for up to four players, with conventional dice roll-based gameplay separated by snappy minigames.

The minigames you play this time out will exploit the Nintendo Switch’s one of a kind movement controls and innovations. In this new diversion, for example, you can put two Nintendo Switch supports by each other and play on one mammoth show. It’s extremely slick, and looks ideal for parties, as the name would propose.

FORTNITE on Nintendo Switch

It was reputed to happen, and now it’s legitimate: Fortnite, the greatest diversion on the planet, is going to the Switch and you can play it at this moment. For nothing! The Switch form guarantees to offer the full Fortnite Battle Royale experience, and it’s accessible to download today from the eShop.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo has at long last taken the wrap off the new Fire Emblem amusement for the Switch. This is the Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Nintendo prodded an appropriate Fire Emblem diversion for Switch when the support was at first disclosed.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be out at some point in spring 2019.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – The Trailer

It’s the principal mainline section in the arrangement for reassuring since 2007’s Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It hopes to have the same luring framework style battle from ongoing handheld sections. The intensity of the Nintendo Switch makes the vivified activity groupings fly in a way that hasn’t been conceivable on the 3DS equipment.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is Getting A Switch Port Later This Year

Nintendo’s own fighting game may have the spotlight, however tucked into its feature reel was the news that Dragon Ball FighterZ and its unbelievable energized craftsmanship will make the bounce to the Switch at some point not long from now.


From the producer of the Armored Core franchise, Daemon X Machina is a gorgeous flying mech game with a neat art style and fast-paced combat filled with lots of explosions. Daemon X Machina, developed by Marvelous Games, launches in 2019 on Switch. Nintendo opened its presentation with a look at Daemon x Machina, a slick new game that features mech. Lots of mechs.


Ridley — the giant, draconic boss from the Metroid series — has been a long-running meme among Smash Bros. fans, who have spent years demanding that series head Masahiro Sakurai put him in the game. Today, that dream comes true: Ridley (along with the already teased Inklings) is joining the roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The massive 2017 RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting even more DLC in September. Torna – The Golden Country, by the looks of the trailer, seems to be more substantial than the previous two DLC packs released in March. Torna – The Golden Country threads a new narrative into the game and will be available to those who purchased the season pass.

The outrageously popular battle royale game, Fortnite, has finally arrived on Switch. Available right now, you can play it both in console and portable mode.


Octopath Traveler, the Switch-exclusive RPG with a gorgeous retro-aesthetic, arrives on Switch on July 13. A demo has been available for a while (it’s great), but a new demo will land on the eShop on June 14.


The frantic and fun cooking party game, Overcooked, is getting a sequel. Overcooked 2lands on Switch August 7. This time around, you can play multiplayer online, a huge plus for this co-op experience.

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Yes, the brunt of Nintendo’s conference focused on Smash and the other titles above. A slew of additional titles were briefly highlighted in a packed sizzle reel, though:

  • Hollow Knight – available now
  • Killer Queen Black – 2018
  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas – October 16
  • Arena of Valor – Fall 2018
  • Minecraft – June 21
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure – June 26
  • Pixark – Fall 2018
  • Just Dance 2019 – October 23
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ – 2018
  • Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion – Summer 2018
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – July 13
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – June 29
  • Ninjalo – Spring 2019
  • Carcassonne – Holiday 2018
  • Mario Tennis Aces – June 22
  • Ark: Survival Evolved – Fall 2018
  • Wasteland 2 – Fall 2018
  • Fallout Shelter – available now
  • Paladins – available now
  • Dark Souls: Remastered – Summer 2018
  • SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy – September 7
  • Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – August 28
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – June 29
  • The World Ends with You – Fall 2018
  • Mega Man 11 – October 2
  • FIFA 19 – September 28

Nintendo knows people want games sooner rather than later

One of the biggest trends at this year’s E3 is how many games are coming out next year or later. (Spoiler alert: It’s most of them.)

Nintendo, on the other hand, spent most of its presentation talking about games coming out in the next six months.

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” arrives in December. “Super Mario Party” arrives in October. “Mario Tennis Aces” arrives later this month. “Fortnite” and “Hollow Knight” arrive today.

On the other hand, most of the bigger games coming to rival consoles have vague release dates. We don’t know when “Halo Infinite” is coming to Xbox One. “The Last Of Us” looks great, but we still don’t have a date – it’s probably sometime in 2019 though. And who knows when “The Elder Scrolls VI” or “Death Stranding” are coming?


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Asus Brings Google Lens Integration in Its PixelMaster Camera App

Asus Brings Google Lens Integration in Its PixelMaster Camera App

Asus Brings Google Lens Integration in Its PixelMaster Camera App

Asus Brings Google Lens Integration : Asus has now given Google Lens coordination inside its PixelMaster Camera application to expedite a progressed visual affair ZenFone models. The new move comes a long time after Google extended the nearness of Google Lens by bringing it inside the camera applications of merchants including Asus, BQ, HMD Global/Nokia, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Sony, TCL, Transsion, and Xiaomi. The man-made reasoning (AI) based visual help at first advanced toward the OnePlus 6 and Sony Xperia XZ2 and also the Xperia XZ2 Compact. At I/O 2018, the pursuit monster exhibited a group of new Google Lens includes that incorporate a brilliant content determination usefulness and also ongoing identification. The help that was initially accessible under the Google application likewise as of late got an independent application to give guide access to its propelled highlights.

As announced by people at Android Police, the Asus PixelMaster Camera application has now included a Google Lens choice under the camera modes segment. The alternative was spotted on the ZenFone 5 after it had gotten a firmware refresh. The refresh prominently redesigns the camera application to variant Be that as it may, the Google Play posting of the application doesn’t demonstrate any new overhaul.


It is misty whether Google Lens is likewise going to other ZenFone 5 models, for example, the ZenFone 5Z and ZenFone 5 Lite. Being one of the accomplices for the underlying extension of Google Lens, Asus may likewise bring the new experience to more established ZenFone models.

Clients who have gotten the new refresh can begin investigating the world recently by setting off to the camera modes and choosing the Google Lens alternative. The freshest reconciliation offers relevant proposals for objects you filter with the camera. Also, it consolidates look, AI, enlarged reality (AR), and PC vision to convey more astute outcomes.

Not long ago, Google Lens got an independent application on Android to give guide access to the first Lens encounter. The application is accessible for download by means of Google Play, yet it is perfect with select handsets at the underlying stage. Google additionally as of late widen the accessibility of brilliant content determination and ongoing location to elevate the first visual help involvement.


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