Indian couple captured for running Tollywood sex racket in US

Indian couple captured for running Tollywood sex racket in US

Indian couple captured : Straight from the Sri Reddy throwing lounge chair discussions, Tollywood is as of now managing another colossal blow. In a stunning episode, an Indian-starting point couple in Chicago, USA, was captured by US specialists for running a sex racket in the nation.

Indian couple captured for running Tollywood sex racket in US

As indicated by a report in the Chicago Tribune, the examination started in view of a 42-page grievance documented in the US District Court in Chicago.

Kishan Modugumudi false name Sreeraj Chonnupatti (34) and his better half Chandra (31) were baiting Tollywood on-screen character to the US on the appearance of shows, and were then pushing them into prostitution. The couple has likewise been blamed for pestering the casualties. Kishan is purportedly a businessperson in the US and has co-created a couple of movies in Telugu.

Examiners discovered confirmation of badgering as a note from one of the couple’s casualties. The individual had sent a note to the couple, arguing not to disturb her any longer and to allow her to sit unbothered.

The couple energized to USD 3,000 for such ‘dates’ and ‘experiences’. Notwithstanding that, the performing artists were compelled to remain in soiled condos to sit tight for their ‘dates’.

The casualties were for the most part conveyed to the US on the guise of a show or an occasion. A large portion of their customers are members of Indian occasions or social demonstrates that occur in the US.

At the point when the police attacked the Kishan and Chandra’s home, they found around 70 condoms in various ziplock packs, and a record kept up by Chandra, which had subtle elements of the on-screen characters and the sexual demonstrations they performed.

The Indian couple is right now in the prison and have not been permitted to get safeguard. Their two youngsters have been moved to tyke welfare authorities in Virginia.


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