Ideology not the matter, Power is only the key in Politics : Democracy under threat in Maharashtra

Editorial by Dhiraj Mazumder : Shiv Sena is ready to form the government in Maharashtra with Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) . Holding press conference in the morning, Raut said the BJP is responsible for the current situation in Maharashtra and cannot hold Shiv Sena responsible for political turmoil in the state.

On latest political development, Shiv Sena may form new government in Maharashtra with support of NCP and Congress. But, what the Marathi people want ? Senior Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam said on Sunday that it is impossible for the Congress-NCP alliance to form any government due to less number of seats. He also added, it will be great damage for the party if sharing power with Shiv Sena .

Actually, aligning with the Shiv Sena to form an alternative government in Maharashtra is not likely to be an easy decision for the Congress as the two parties are ‘not like minded ‘ or ‘ideologically aligned’ .

But nothing impossible in politics. Now a days, power is the key of politics . It’s not important what’s the people want; it’s more important what’s political leaders wants . Actually, dirty politics is going on in Maharashtra . Political parties does not care ideology . They never think about democratic institutions. Maharashtra’s new government formation equation simply arising a common question; Is the greed for power is more important than the Political Ideology ?

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