7 Years Old Texas Girl Jazmine Barnes Murder : $35000 Reward Offer By Shaun King & Lee Merritt

Credit : Shaun King's Twitter Handle

Bring Justice for Jazmine Barnes 

Journalist Shaun King and Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt have come together to offer a $35,000 reward to find the murderer who shot and killed Jazmine Barnes on Sunday . Unidentified Gunman Kills Jazmine Barnes in East Harris County ,Texas . Harris Country Police authorities says the unidentified Gunman is bearded white male in his 40s ,wearing a red sweatshirt , according to Ms LaPorsha Washington‘s 15 years old daughter , who got a glimpse of the man .

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Journalist Shaun King offers $35,000 in cash for the persons who turns in the murderer of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes . Check Shaun King Tweet in this regard .

Gunman’s Vehicle : Harris County Police

We want Justice for my daughter Jazmine Barnes . Help Police to searching the unidentified Gunman .

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News Source : BBC & Global News

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