Malang Review : Film Critic Taran Adarsh Put Disappointing 2 Star Ratings

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Malang Review : ‘Disappointing “

Malang movie Review . Well know film critic and business analyst Taran Adarsh put 2 stars disappointing one word review. According to Taran “Mohit Suri misses the bus this time…. Malang works in patches, but its writing plays spoilsports, fails to grab your attention in entirety … Suspense doesn’t create the desired impact either #MalangReview .

 Malang is directed by Mohit Suri and Starring with Aditya Roy Kapoor, Disha Patani, Anil Kapoor, Kunal Kemmu and Elli Avram. The film is produced by Fox Stars Studios and hit the theater on February 7, 2020.

Malang is a tale of revenge involving five key players – Advait Thaur (Aditya Roy Kapur), a young man running away from relationships; Sara (Disha Patani), a footloose NRI girl looking for excitement in the land of her migrant parents; Jezebel (Elli Avram), a golden-hearted Swedish expat who makes a living by selling herself and peddling drugs; Michael Rodriguez (Kunal Kemmu) a straight-laced police officer who believes in abiding strictly by the rules; and the aforementioned carefree cop who revels in crossing the line at the slightest pretext. Lets check Malang Review -Trailer & Songs

The film has style aplenty, but the core of the plot is built on devices that resemble facile contrivances rather than believable twists. As a result, despite the vim and vigour of the making, Malang is never more than middling. Beginning with a prison brawl staged primarily to establish the physical invincibility of the male protagonist, the film plunges into the two faces of policing that Agashe and Michael represent.

Cliches rush forth uncontrollably from all directions – rave parties, a collapsing marriage, youngsters out to court danger, and police raids ending badly – while the murders take place one after the other all in the course of a few hours of December 24. The past and the present are intermeshed to place before us the jigsaw pieces that explain why Advait is like a man possessed.

The adventurous streak they embrace is in aid of Sara’s mission to rid herself of her fears. Having seen her parents waste their lives, she does not want to repeat the mistake. As the story progresses, every major character is apportioned a back story rooted in familial issues. One talks of an abusive father and an unhappy childhood, another loses a daughter in a shootout, while a third man is left smarting by his parents’ messy separation.

Oversimplification is the film’s principal bane. Malang wants to go with complexed individuals grappling with demons inside them, but the narrative does not have the psychological bandwidth to deal with mental and emotional anguish with any degree of depth. Strangely, Malang is “written by” by Asseem Arora but the “screenplay” is credited to Aniruddha Guha. It is a case of “two” many cooks: the script skims the surface of scarred psyches and offers portraits that are too facile to force us to ignore the gaps that open up along the way.

 The series of killings which rocks Goa sparks a hurried investigation even as Agashe and Michael disagree on the methods to be employed to bring the culprit to book. The pace of the film is breathless and yet it feels overlong. The narrative has a jumpy, disorienting rhythm that no amount of flash and flair can conceal.
What comes our way is a stale, generic bauble that springs no big surprises. A thriller without genuine twists – there is one big one reserved for the climax but if you know the game it is easy to anticipate – is akin to a watery chicken soup served in a leaky bowl. It is all over the place before you can say slurp. If Malang does not let you doze off, it is solely because it keeps throwing something or the other at the audience but rarely in a fashion that constitute a pattern.

The lead actors – Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha Patani – cannot be faulted because they give it all they have, which, unfortunately, isn’t all that much considering the holes they have to plug. A guy with a ripped body and a girl who sizzles cannot prevent Malang from fizzling out and ending up in a situation where the cynical policeman is compelled to put a lid on the case and move on.

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