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The Kerala Story earns 12 Cr in Day 2

Director Sudipto Sen’s fact finding film ‘The Kerala Story’ has become an issue of Karnataka assembly election after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech. Specking at Bellary, Modi said “The Kerala Story is trying to expose the consequences of terrorism in a state like Kerala. The Congress party is now trying to ban the film and support the terror elements. It only knows to ban things and complety ignore development. The party even has a problem with me chanting ‘Jai Bajarang Bali'”

‘Terrorism has taken a new form now. Apart from using weapons and bombs, they are working towards making the society hollow from inside out. ‘The Kerala Story’ movie has exposed the new face of terrorism” PM Modi told.

Actress Adah Sharma penned a storng note on Instagram and thanked PM Narendra Modi for mentioning the real fact of Kerala in his election speech.

However, the Box Office earnings of the film growing gradually and approching towards Rs.100 Crore club. The Kerala Story earns over Rs. 12 crores in Day 2. The film saw around a 45% increase in ticket sales on Sunday (Day-3) compared to the opening day. Overall the movie earn more than Rs.30 Crores.

The Kerala Story has become the 5th highest grossing Hindi film in 2023 despite facing criticism for its portrayal of the forced conversion of non Muslim girls in Kerala. The film follows the experiences of four female characters- Shalini (palyed by Adah Sharma), Nimah (played by Yogita Bihani), Asifa (played by Sonla Balani), and Geetanjali (played by Siddhi Idnani)-who become radicalized and ultimately join the ISIS terrorist organization.

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