Thanksgiving coronavirus surge could turn into the Christmas surge, health professor warns

The US reported 2,046 deaths Wednesday — the highest one-day coronavirus death toll the country has reported since early May, Johns Hopkins University data shows.

The country also hit a new daily hospitalization record, with 89,954 people currently hospitalized for Covid-19, according to the Covid Tracking Project. This is the 16th straight day that figure set a record for the pandemic.

“I worry that the Thanksgiving Day surge will then just add into what will become the Christmas surge, which will then make this one seem as if it wasn’t so bad,” said Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an ensemble forecast Wednesday that projects between 294,000 and 321,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States by December 19.

“We have to understand we’re in a very dangerous place. People have to stop swapping air,” Osterholm said. “It’s just that simple.”

Osterholm told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday Americans need to understand how dangerous the virus is and how much more dangerous it will become.

“We are going to see our hospitals literally on the verge of collapse,” he said.

The federal government’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a plan Wednesday to deliver acute hospital care at home and relax regulations on surgical care outside of hospitals as part of an effort to increase care capacity as coronavirus hospitalizations surge around the nation.

The centers will make it possible for vulnerable people to access critical non-coronavirus care without entering a setting where they may be exposed to the virus.

“We’re at a new level of crisis response with Covid-19,” CMS Administrator Seema Verma said in a statement. “With new areas across the country experiencing significant challenges to the capacity of their health care systems, our job is to make sure that CMS regulations are not standing in the way of patient care for Covid-19 and beyond.”

Osterholm and Verma are not the only experts pleading with and trying to warn the public, Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Wednesday that his final pre-Thanksgiving plea is to keep any indoor holiday gatherings as small as possible

“What we don’t want to see is yet another surge superposed upon the (current) surge … which we’ll realize three (to) three and a half weeks from now” if people aren’t careful, Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told ABC.

Public health officials have generally urged Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving only with members of the same household, or at least gather outdoors, to avoid further virus spread. The CDC also recommended last week that Americans should not travel for Thanksgiving.
Still, air travel is robust compared to previous weeks during the pandemic. Sunday saw the biggest day for air travel since March 16, with 1.05 million people screened, while more than 900,000 people were screened Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration said.
As of Wednesday evening, there were 12.7 million cases of Covid-19 in the United States and more than 262,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Physician fears ‘the darkest days in modern American medical history’ are coming

As grim as the current numbers may seem, physicians and officials throughout the country are projecting an even harder next few weeks.

In Houston, Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of staff at United Memorial Medical Center, said he has been working for 251 straight days because of the pandemic.

The Trump administration is considering shortening the recommended quarantine time
He said he suspects caseloads at the hospital will get worse as the country awaits a vaccine, especially if people don’t take seriously public health officials’ exhortations to socially distance and wear masks.

“My concerns for the next six to 12 weeks is that if we don’t do things right, America is going to see the darkest days in modern American medical history,” Varon told CNN Wednesday.

“My hospital is full. I just opened two new wings so that I can accommodate for the next few days, because I know that a lot of people are going to get sick after Thanksgiving,” he said.

“My nurses in the middle of the day, they will start crying, because they are getting so many patients, and it’s a never-ending story,” Varon said. “When they finish finally getting a patient in, they get a phone call from the ER that there is another patient getting admitted.”

To curb spread, more restrictions

More restrictions were announced in Nashville this week, where Mayor John Cooper said restaurants and bars will be limited to a maximum of 50% capacity, with social distancing.
Family makes PSA about large family gatherings after 15 members contracted Covid-19

Additionally, there will be a 10 p.m. last call and service for food and beverages and no entry to establishments after that time. The new limits are set to go into effect November 30.

“The additional modifications are being made in response to the continued spike in Covid cases and concerns about hospital capacity,” Cooper wrote on Twitter.
In New York, which closed schools last week because local test-positivity rates rose above 3%, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that he and the governor were working on a plan to reopen the buildings.
61% of Americans changed their Thanksgiving plans due to Covid-19 spikes, new poll finds

The plan will include increased testing in schools, which had been once a month. “We want to have every child able to be tested at every point,” de Blasio said.

In the hard-hit Texas community of El Paso, County Judge Ricardo Samaniego announced Tuesday a partial curfew that would work to address social and recreational activities but does not apply when residents are out for essential or nonessential business. The curfew will run from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and will expire Monday.

“You will be able to be purchasing, shopping, whatever it is that you need to do of any essential or nonessential businesses under the conditions that are placed,” he said. “We’re trying to create a balance on the health of our community and the economy.”

“But let me emphasize the following,” the judge said. “It is a shelter-at-home order. Residents are strongly urged to shelter at home. If leaving home to obtain essential or nonessential service, this order strongly recommends that only one person per family participate in obtaining goods and services.”

Pennsylvania to ban drinking at bars and restaurants on Thanksgiving eve in effort to stop coronavirus spread

In Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced the state was imposing more restrictions starting Wednesday, amid an “aggressive third surge of Covid-19.” Restaurants, gyms, barber shops, nail salons, movie theaters and nonessential businesses are limited to 50% capacity.

“There is not a single region of our state that is not seeing increases in new cases, hospitalizations and growing positivity of Covid tests, and I am incredibly concerned by Louisiana’s trajectory and our ability to continue to deliver health care to our people if our hospitals are overrun with sick patients,” Edwards said.

“Now is the time to make changes,” he added.

CNN’s Pete Muntean, Kristina Sgueglia, Naomi Thomas, Lauren Mascarenhas, Artemis Moshtaghian, Cheri Mossburg and Shelby Lin Erdman contributed to this report.

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How to Deal With Life in Long-Term Isolation

How to Deal With Life in Long-Term Isolation

Anyone else dreading winter?

Cases of Covid-19 are climbing, and winter weather is going to cut off many of the lifelines — picnics in the park, running outside, outdoor dining — so many people have depended on for sanity this year. Vaccines are on the horizon, but even the most optimistic timelines put them months away. And time with family during the holidays, normally a bright spot in winter months, is all but canceled this year.

But there are ways to steel yourself for such a dark set of circumstances! In fact, some people have been through all of that and then some.

Take, for instance, an astronaut who spent nearly a year in space. Or the station leader of a research outpost in Antarctica. Or one of the eight people sealed inside the artificial ecosystem Biosphere 2 for two years in the early 1990s.

The New York Times spoke with these people to get advice on coping with life in extended isolation — and how to deal with not quite being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If there’s one takeaway, it’s this: Adaptation and expectation management are key.

For 328 days between March 2019 and February 2020, the NASA astronaut Christina Koch was floating 250 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station, setting the record for the longest continuous time spent in space by a woman. An astronaut since 2013, Ms. Koch, 41, was trained to deal with long-term isolation and constantly changing circumstances, but there isn’t exactly training on what to do when the world you come back to is wholly different than the one you left.

But that’s not to say she wasn’t equipped.

“One of the qualities that astronauts develop is adaptability and managing expectations,” Ms. Koch said. “And I think that we really honed the skill of being able to be OK with whatever comes down the road, and to just adapt our hopes and dreams to what that situation is and make the best of it.”

While aboard the I.S.S., Ms. Koch and her crew mates watched the early days of the pandemic unfold, but they didn’t know how deeply things would change.

She returned to Earth in February, but just as she was finishing physical rehabilitation and ready to embark on the many plans she had made, Ms. Koch had to trade one type of isolation for another. “Right when I was ready to go back out into the world, it got shut back down,” she said.

To be clear: Being stuck at home inside with all of the comforts — and Seamless deliveries — we’re used to isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison to spending nearly a year in space. But many of the emotions and psychological bruises we’re dealing with right now are actually similar to what astronauts experience in space, Ms. Koch said. And the strategies and tactics of dealing with those experiences can be quite transferable.

For instance: Ms. Koch said that learning to accept and be comfortable with unpredictability is something that is built into astronaut training. During her time on the I.S.S., Ms. Koch said, there were days she would go to sleep knowing her schedule for the next day, only to wake up and have it entirely rearranged. And even if a day’s schedule didn’t have any surprises, at any moment something could go wrong and the entire crew would have to adapt — a mind-set she uses while quarantining at home.

“What you can control is how you react to that situation,” she said. “What you can control is whether or not you let yourself go down a bad mental path or not.”

In fact, while on the I.S.S., Ms. Koch was surprised by an extension to her mission by about five months. So in one sense, she said, she has been here before.

“I had to shift my thinking from ‘It’s a marathon not a sprint’ to ‘It’s an ultramarathon, not a marathon,’” she said. “In the pandemic, that’s what I have reframed. When lockdown started it was going to be a two-week pause, and now it’s going to last through the spring.”

Ms. Koch said a key skill she uses from her time in space is learning how to stay connected to loved ones when we can’t be physically present. While in space, for example, Ms. Koch, “ran” a half-marathon in Glacier National Park with her friends; at the same time they were running on the course, Ms. Koch ran the 13.1 miles on her space treadmill.

“You have to be creative in how you stay relevant in the lives of your loved ones,” she said. “Staying relevant means you don’t just communicate occasionally by email, you do things that almost feel like you’re close.”

As for all those plans she had in store? This time she is just going to wait and see.

“I’m a big fan of just setting expectations in my own mind to always err on the side of being pleasantly surprised,” she said, “rather than being disappointed.”

Your average day this year probably looks a little bit like David Knoff’s.

He drags himself out of bed around 7 a.m., looks at the weather, then sips a latte while planning his day. He makes his morning commute — a very short trip from where he sleeps to where he works — and catches up on emails for a few hours before attending online meetings.

Mealtimes are always the same, and the faces around the dinner table never change, except for the occasional extreme haircut or overgrown beard. To unwind, he might have some tea or a beer and reminisce about what life used to be like.

But there’s one key difference: Mr. Knoff lives in perhaps the most remote place on the planet — and his most exciting evening lately involved penguins.

Since November 2019, Mr. Knoff has led a team of 24 people at Davis Station, a permanent research outpost in Antarctica run by the Australian Antarctic Division. The yearly average high temperature there is around 19 degrees Fahrenheit, and during the darkest days of winter — typically from May to July — there are some weeks when there are zero hours of daylight.

“The darkness had more of an impact on mood and energy than many of us expected, for a few months during the depths of winter the sun barely made it above the horizon (or not at all),” Mr. Knoff, 35, wrote in an email.

To get through a bleak winter, Mr. Knoff said, it’s important to change with your surroundings and train yourself to learn to make the best of a tough situation. “It is surprising how well you adapt to your surroundings and conditions,” he said.

Not long ago, Mr. Knoff was unexpectedly marooned in a field hut for four nights with another expedition member after a blizzard got very bad, very fast, and their vehicle broke down. Stuck inside with nothing to do but wait out the storm, he caught up on a collection of 1970s literature left in the hut long ago. He also cooked and drank tea with his teammate.

“It was the longest I’d been without Wi-Fi in years,” he said. However, “in the end, it will end up being one of my fondest memories of my time here due to the truly unique situation of being that cut off from the rest of civilization yet strangely safe and warm with little to worry about other than the weather.”

Still, even a place as isolated as Antarctica hasn’t been entirely untouched by the pandemic. While the continent hasn’t confirmed a single case of the virus, Mr. Knoff and his team were forced to extend their stay by four months, which, he said, “brought with it multiple challenges and an emotional roller coaster.”

It “feels like we have just endured the toughest game of life we could have ever imagined, and then the game has been sent into overtime,” he said. The goal now is for everyone to “look inside themselves to dig out the motivation and resilience to make sure that as a team we make the most of the next few months and return safely to our friends and families back home,” he said.

And about that exciting recent evening: A huddle of Emperor penguins waddled onto the station’s beach while half of the team happened to be outside — a good reminder to take the good with the bad.

“Not every day can be sunshine and penguins,” Mr. Knoff wrote in an email. “You will have bad days/weeks/months, and the highs and lows will oscillate faster and higher as the months roll on, but stay focused on the positive and have a goal in sight.”

He added: “Although not entirely accurate during an Antarctica winter, the sun will always come up tomorrow!”

You’ve probably had a fight or two with your family or roommates during quarantine. But at least the house didn’t break out into warring factions.

That’s what happened in Biosphere 2, a fully enclosed, self-sustaining, three-acre ecosystem in Arizona in which eight people lived sealed off for exactly two years from September 1991 to September 1993, conducting one of history’s most ambitious — and weirdest — science experiments. Here’s an article about it from 1986 in The Times. (The first biosphere, in case you’re wondering, is the one you currently live in.)

Biosphere 2 had everything: pygmy goats, a fog desert, feral pigs, Japanese silky bantams, a tropical rainforest and … a lot of conflict, according to Jane Poynter, one of the eight people sealed inside.

“I wish I could tell you it was a happy success story,” said Ms. Poynter, laughing as she recalled those warring factions. Ms. Poynter, who designed and was responsible for Biosphere 2’s farm system during the mission, is now the founder and co-chief executive of a space tourism company called the Space Perspective.

“We broke into two factions of four and four,” she said. “It turns out eight is the worst number we could’ve chosen because you break into two factions of four that are very stable.”

Her theory of why tensions rose so high? “When you’re enclosed for a long period of time, you come face to face with yourself.”

A shared sense of mission brought the factions together to complete work that needed to be done, despite the awful tension and awkwardness, Ms. Poynter said. None of the eight thought of abandoning Biosphere 2, whose chief financial backer was a Texas oil billionaire, because they could see the importance of the bigger picture.

Fighting aside, Ms. Poynter noted another effect that affects anyone in long-term isolation, whether it’s an astronaut, a researcher in Antarctica, a biospherian or just an average citizen wondering when this will be over: the third-quarter phenomenon.

You’ve felt this before. You’re past the halfway point of something but nowhere near the end, and you start to drag. It’s the “decline in performance during the third quarter of missions in isolated, confined and extreme environments, regardless of actual mission duration,” according to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments.

That’s not to say we’re necessarily in the third quarter of the pandemic, but the recent promising news of vaccines has given us hope that the end may be in sight.

“We are all going to feel like we’ve had it up to here with this, and that’s normal,” Ms. Poynter said. “The only thing I can say is, be patient.”

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I Made A Ton Of Comfort Food Recipes This Year; Here Are My Absolute Favorites

I Made A Ton Of Comfort Food Recipes This Year; Here Are My Absolute Favorites

Whenever I think back on the year 2020, well… I think I’ll just try to forget about it entirely. 😑

But there were a handful of saving graces this past year, including comfort food. Here are the cozy, heart- and soul-warming recipes I made most often to get me through quarantine.

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‘I remember that first Thanksgiving, the empty chair’

Joe Biden

US President-elect Joe Biden has delivered a pre-Thanksgiving address, calling on Americans to unite in the fight against Covid-19.

“We’re at war with the virus, not with one another,” he said in Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday.

There have been more than 260,000 coronavirus deaths in the US.

Mr Biden, who has faced past family tragedies, also said he understood what it was like to spend the first Thanksgiving without a loved one.

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Inside the Efforts to Provide Mental Health Care to Families Separated at the U.S. Border

The Growing Danger of Political Violence Threatens to Destabilize America

When Mari and her teenage son, Jesus, were confronted by Border Patrol agents, they did not know they had already crossed the border from Mexico to the U.S. and were now on American soil. To this day, Mari—an asylum seeker from Guatemala—says she doesn’t know where they entered the U.S., only that the agents arrested them and drove them to a facility where dozens of other women were crying. It wasn’t until the agents took Jesus away from her that Mari understood why they were crying.

“Do you know that you are committing a crime?” Mari says an agent who worked at the facility asked her. “‘No,’ I told him, ‘I’m running away.’”

Mari recalls that the date was May 12, 2018, just five days after then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced publicly the implementation of “Zero Tolerance” policy, which resulted in the U.S. government separating more than 5,500 children from their parents at the southern border. The exact number of separated children remains unknown.

The agents told Mari she would be detained at the facility, while her under-age son would be sent to a shelter. They told her they didn’t know when she would see him again. Inside of detention, surrounded by dozens of other women in tears, Mari began to weep. “There wasn’t a single woman who wasn’t crying,” she says in Spanish. “They took our children. When you don’t have your children, when your children are taken, it feels like dying.”

Mari, a 48-year-old mother of five, says she fled Guatemala in 2018 to get away from her abusive husband. She took Jesus, her youngest child, and planned to join her daughter, who had arrived in the U.S. more than a decade earlier. Mari has since been reunited with her son and they are both living with her daughter in Santa Ana, California. Her three other grown children remain in Guatemala.

Mari spoke to TIME under the condition that TIME only publish her first name, for fear of being located by her husband. Her son’s name Jesus is a pseudonym for the same reason.

Mari and Jesus experienced severe trauma from their experience of being separated and detained without knowing when or if they would ever be reunited. Though their family is together again, mental health experts say the trauma of family separation may linger for a lifetime. They are now among over 230 families to request free mental health care as a result of a court order that requires the government to pay for it.

Connecting families to mental health services

In November 2019, a court ordered the U.S. government to cover the cost of mental health care until January 2021 for any families who experienced separation at the U.S.-Mexico border. The court order came after three immigrant mothers who experienced separation sued the federal government in 2018 on behalf of all separated parents to ask the government to pay for mental health services. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that deadline was pushed back to June 2021. Now organizations are working to connect families to these services.

In March of this year, Seneca Family of Agencies, a nonprofit organization based in California, was awarded a $14.5 million contract by the government to begin providing free mental health services to the families who experienced separation. Through a program titled Todo Por Mi Familia (All For My Family), Seneca collaborates with several other nonprofit organizations to locate families who could benefit from the court order. Some of those, like the ACLU, Al Otro Lado, Catholic Legal Immigration Network and Kids in Need of Defense, provide legal assistance, while others like Justice in Motion are assisting with the search for parents.

“We had all the data, we knew all the information, we knew the ramifications of separating these families, and yet these actions were done,” says Cheryl Aguilar, founder and lead therapist at the Hope Center for Wellness in Washington, D.C., who has provided therapy for families who experienced separation. “We know that once trauma occurs, there’s a mark for a very long time, if not for the rest of your life. That’s what has been done to these kids and these families. The damage is done.”

Read more: President Trump Won’t Say How 545 Migrant Children Still Separated From Their Parents Will Be Reunited

Paige Chan, the director of Seneca in southern California, says it was clear from the start that her organization would be faced with three primary logistical challenges. The first is finding the parents and children in the first place, she says. The U.S. government often did not keep proper contact information for the parents when they were separated from their children. Roughly 545 parents have still not been located by parties involved with the search. (NBC News reports that the number is higher, with 666 parents remaining at-large). In some cases, parents and children choose not to be reunited in-person, depending on their individual immigration cases. Some parents who have been deported without their children, for example, choose to allow their children remain in the U.S. and pursue a claim for asylum.

The second challenge, Chan says, is building trust with the families, many of whom do not want to be found or contacted by anyone perceived to be associated with the government given their experience of family separation and for fear of being deported. Seneca must also assure families that the services provided are confidential and anything they say to a therapist will not be shared with government officials. Cultural stigmas about mental health care can also create additional barriers to recovery.

Third, and last, Chan says, Seneca must build a network of mental health care providers who can provide culturally sensitive therapy in the right language, either in Spanish or in indigenous languages. The therapist could ideally be able to help address the trauma of separation, along with the trauma of the migration journey to the U.S. and whatever pushed the person to flee their country in the first place. The organization is currently working with 230 providers nationwide.

“While we can never fully undo the damage done by the separations, we can begin to heal the wounds of these families and bring them back together,” says Ken Berrick, Seneca CEO.

Impact of COVID-19

Each of those challenges were made worse in March 2020, shortly after the organization finalized their outreach plan, when cases of COVID-19 began to surge in the U.S. “The world was turned upside down and we had to dramatically adjust all the work that we were doing,” Chan says. Work that would previously have been done in person in the states with the highest amount of reunified families to build trust within communities would have to turn remote.

Instead of locating families through community programs and going door-to-door to speak to people in person, the Seneca outreach coordinators would have to try and build trust through a phone call.

“This is already a population or a demographic that’s going to be really skeptical of strangers calling them for several reasons,” says Johanna Navarro-Perez, program director at Todo Por Mi Familia. “They are perhaps fleeing something in their home country that was challenging or dangerous, and then in this country, at the hands of the government, experienced another sort of intentional trauma… So making that call, being that outreach coordinator, that’s a really tenuous call that you have to be extremely careful and thoughtful about. It’s hard to connect with folks and to be disarming over the phone.”

One of those people making calls is Karina Acosta an outreach coordinator at Todo Por Mi Familia. Through contact information provided by lawyers and other nonprofit organizations who are locating the families, Karina makes the phone call and introduces herself. “Nadamas le quería avisar de los servicios que estamos ofreciendo a las familias que fueron detenidas y separadas en la frontera,” she tells them in Spanish, I just want to let you know about the services we’re offering to families who were detained and separated at the border.

Depending on how the person responds, Acosta might try to engage them with questions about if their children’s behavior has changed, or share general anecdotes about how other families have benefited from mental health services.

Irreparable damage

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has long spoken out against family separation and child detention, the experience can case irreparable damage to a child’s developing brain, which could lead to both short-term and long-term health impacts. “Even if the family separation did not occur because of the parent—in this case the Administration ripped families apart—a child whose brain hasn’t fully developed and who is not able to make sense of this experience may interpret that information as ‘I was abandoned,’” says Aguilar, who is among the 230 mental health care providers working in partnership with Seneca.

Aguilar says that her experience working with immigrants specifically, plus understanding what happens to a child psychologically when they are removed from a caregiver helps inform the treatment she provides. “When a family separation occurs and that attachment is disrupted, what happens when families are reunified is that the families need to be able to have the tools to healthily and happily come back together,” Aguilar says.

In many cases, people do want to talk and are ready to and eager to speak to a therapist. Most have accepted Seneca’s offer of free mental health services. But outreach coordinators do find themselves up against cultural stigmas and misunderstandings of mental health care.

Cultural stigmas

There are also some families who don’t want to take up the services, or remain skeptical even after speaking with an outreach coordinator. Acosta says she doesn’t pressure families who turn down mental health services—according to court documents 176 families declined services as of November 2020—but she does try to inform families of what mental health services are and that the resource is available until June 2021 if they change their mind.

For Mari, accepting mental health services provided by Seneca was easy once she was made aware of what mental health really means, she says. In her household growing up in Guatemala, she says crying was seen as weakness, and could be met with a spanking. But her understanding of therapy changed once she began treatment after being connected with Seneca.

More than two years after Mari and Jesus were separated, Mari can recall how she felt panicked, confused and devastated by the separation. Jesus was 15 when they were separated, which lasted a few weeks. During that time they only spoke on the phone twice, both times in tears. When they finally were reunited, they found it a challenge to speak to each other. Now with the help of a therapist, Mari says, Jesus has started to talk to her more and go outside.

“I feel like he’s getting better,” she says. “Sometimes, I’d watch him and he’d start crying. I’d ask him why but he wouldn’t tell me. Like he didn’t want to express himself. But the therapist has worked with him, and I see the changes he’s been able to make…I can see that he’s overcoming everything that we have lived.”

Mari says she too has benefited from therapy. Her therapist has been able to help her address the separation as well as years of domestic abuse. Mari now uses breathing techniques when she feels sad or overwhelmed, finds it easier to talk about family separation and says she now feels strong after years of internalizing insults from her abuser.

“I believed him when he said I was trash. I thought I was trash, and after everything I experienced on the way, everything that happened to me, I believed it and I had bad self esteem,” Mari says. “But I succeeded. I was done, done, done with abuse, I was tired, and I couldn’t take it any more, so I made the journey, and that’s why my therapist tells me I’m very strong.”

Write to Jasmine Aguilera at

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300+ Black Friday sales you can shop right now

300+ Black Friday sales you can shop right now

(CNN) —  

It’s not quite Black Friday yet, but deals upon deals are already here. For those who prefer to be proactive about Black Friday shopping, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of the best early sales out there that you can shop all week long.

To optimize your shopping strategy, we’ve listed brands and retailers alphabetically and grouped all the sales by category. Don’t forget to check back often; we’ll be updating this post in the days leading up to Friday so you can snag the best prices on whatever you need before the big day.

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  • Walmart: The mega-retailer’s final pre-Black Friday deals drop is set for November 25, but you can still preview the savings and find other deals available now.
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  • 23andMe: The Health + Ancestry Service is available for $99 — $100 off its usual price — while the Ancestry + Traits Service is down to $79.
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