41,000 more stores allows DOGE via Gemini-backed payment app

Crypto-focused payment network Flexa, a partner of Winklevoss-led crypto exchange Gemini, has added support for Dogecoin (DOGE). Now, Dogecoins holders can spend their ‘Meme’ coin over 41,000 stores.

“Good jo everyone, you did great ! now you can spend DOGE at 41K more places. Live in the SPEND App, coming soon to Gemini Pay. very wow” Flexa tweeted.

Initially the firm tried to attract some social media commotion by saying that it will make “DOGE spendable at very single one of the 41K+ stores on Flexa.” if users will retweet the corresponding post 1000 or more times. Unsurprisingly, considering Dogecoin’s hype- centric and ‘memeful’ nature, that goal was quickly reached and then some.

Flexa launched its Crypto wallet, dubbed SPEND, in May 2019 in the United States. At launch, the network allowed users to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash,, and Gemini Dollar in retail stores, including top brands such as Whole Foods, Baskin Robbins, Lowe’s and Nordstrom.

Meanwhile, Gemini itself listed Dogecoin earlier this week, reinforcing the meme token’s ongoing price rally. Shortly, after the listing, DOGE price reached a new ATH of $0.69, pushing its market capitalization to over $86 billion. This made DOGE the fourth largest crypto by its market capital.

At press time, Dogecoin is trading at around $0.64, up more than 900% over the past month.

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