‘Let Me Say It Now’, Rakesh Maria Unplugged 26/11 Mumbai Attack ‘Hindu Terror’ Conspiracy

Cover Page of Rakesh Maria's Book 'Let Me Say it Now'. Edited with Ajmal Kasab file picture.

Ajmal Kasab Was to Die as Samir Chowdhury

In his book ‘Let Me Say  It Now’ , Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria indicates that terror group Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) planned to project the 26/11 Mumbai Attack as a case of “Hindu Terrorism’ . Rakesh Maria unplugged big conspiracy in his book . He reveals “The 26/11 Mumbai Attack convict Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab would have died as Bengaluru resident Samir Dinesh Chowdhury with a ‘red thread tied around his wrist’ had LeT succeeded in their plan.

In his book titled ‘Let Me Say It Now’, Rakesh Maria said, if everything went according to plan, Kasab would have died as Chaudhari and the media would have blamed “Hindu terrorists” for the attack. The terror organisation had also reportedly planted fake ID cards with Indian addresses for the terrorists.

“There would have been screaming headlines on newspapers claiming how Hindu terrorists had attacked Mumbai. Over the top TV journalists would have made a beeline for Bengaluru to interview his family and neighbours. But alas, it had not worked that way and here he was, Ajmal Amir Kasab of Faridkot in Pakistan”, writes Maria in his book.

It has been widely reported that Kasab was wearing a red thread on his right wrist which is believed to have been a Kalawa – a sacred Hindu thread. This led many to believe the theory that the perpetrators were planning to blame the 26/11 attacks as “Hindu terror”.

As per Maria this photo was shared by “central agencies” as the Mumbai police was striving not to leak details of the attack.

Making stunning disclosures, Maria, who was suddenly promoted and shifted out as director general of home guards while probing the Sheena Bora case, further says that Kasab had initially joined Lashkar-e-Taiba for committing robberies and had “nothing to do with jihad”.

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“He and his friend Muzaffar Lal Khan wanted to commit robberies to improve their financial status and wanted to get hold of some weapons and training to achieve their nefarious objective,” he says.

“Kasab seriously believed that Muslims were not allowed to offer namaaz in India, and mosques were locked up by the authorities. He felt that the azaan he heard five times a day in the crime branch lockup was just a figment of his imagination. When we came to know of this, I instructed Mahale (investigating officer Ramesh Mahale) to take him to the mosque near the metro cinema in a vehicle,” Maria adds.

The officer says that Kasab was “bewildered” when he saw the namaaz in progress.

Maria reveals that keeping Kasab alive became his “first priority”. “Anger and hostility towards him were perceptible (among Mumbai police personnel). Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Lashkar were bent upon eliminating him by hook or crook to obliterate the only living evidence of their heinous deed,” he writes, adding that the Dawood Ibrahim gang was given the responsibility to kill Kasab.

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On Kasab’s photograph being released, Maria revealed that it “was the handiwork of Central agencies. The Mumbai police tried hard to not disclose any details to the media, fearing for the security.”

The former top cop also revealed that he personally interrogated him every day. “It gave me a deep insight into the psyche of how terrorist outfits operated. Our daily interactions forged some sort of a bond between Kasab and me, and soon Kasab began addressing me respectfully as ‘Janab’ (sir).”

The book also notes that after three rounds of training, Kasab was given Rs 1,25,000 and a week-long family visit holiday. “He gave the money to his family for his sister’s wedding,” wrote Maria.

According to him, originally, terror attack on Mumbai was planned on September 27, 2008, the 27th day of roza.

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