Vladimir Putin to hand FIFA World Cup host’s mantle to Emir of Qatar

Vladimir Putin to hand FIFA World Cup host’s mantle to Emir of Qatar

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hand over the FIFA World Cup host’s mantle to Emir of Qatar Sheik Tamim container Hamad al-Thani in a service on Sunday. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will begin on November 21 with the last to be played on December 18.

Vladimir Putin to hand FIFA World Cup host's mantle to Emir of Qatar
Russian President Vladimir Putin with FIFA president Gianni Infantino and other officials

The service of giving over the facilitating of the soccer World Cup will likewise be gone to by the FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Infantino on Friday portrayed the continuous 2018 World Cup as the best-ever.

The football director additionally included that the competition would change the view of the host country Russia and hailed the achievement of video right hand arbitrators (VAR).

“For two or three years, I was stating it would be the best World Cup ever, today I can state that with more conviction,” he said

Infantino guaranteed that the competition would leave an enduring heritage and there were “solid designs” to ensure the stadiums were utilized as a part without bounds.

“This nation, Russia, has changed. Russia has turned into a genuine football nation… where football has progressed toward becoming piece of the nation’s DNA and the way of life,” he said.

“We had 98 percent inhabitance of the stadiums, one million fans from abroad to find this nation, in excess of three billion watchers on TV and there will absolutely be one billion for the last.

“Everybody has found a wonderful nation, an inviting nation, brimming with individuals who are quick to show to the world that what perhaps is some of the time said isn’t what occurs here.”

Infantino, who is paid a yearly compensation of 1.5 million Swiss francs ($1.49 million) as indicated by FIFA, confronted a cumbersome inquiry when he was inquired as to why the 17,000-odd volunteers were not paid.

“We are all, also, volunteers,” he said. “Perhaps not at the World Cup, since we have an occupation, however when we return home we drive our youngsters to their football or ball competitions and we help offering drinks, getting ready hotdogs, or aiding in the eateries.”


Infantino said that, notwithstanding introductory apprehensions, the VAR framework had functioned admirably, it had explored an of 19 choices in the 62 coordinates up until now and had redressed 16 choices which were at first off-base.

“This is advance, this is superior to anything the past,” he said. “VAR isn’t evolving football, it is cleaning football.”

“It is hard to think about the World Cup without VAR, it has been surely an all the more just competition…The objective scored from an offside position is done in football, in any event in football with VAR,” Infantino included.

He said VAR’s obstacle impact had decreased the quantity of direct red cards for savage play from 16 in the 1998 competition to none this time.

“Everybody realizes that, whatever you do, somebody will see it… one of the 30-odd cameras will spot it and you will be sent off,” the 48-year-old said.

Infantino did not give any new data on the whether the initial 48-group competition would be in Qatar in 2022 rather than in 2026 as initially arranged.

“To begin with we will talk about with the Qataris and after that with the FIFA Council and partners and choose smoothly what the choice is,” he said. “For the occasion, we have a World Cup with 32 groups.”


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