2018 Film Scholars Revealed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

2018 Film Scholars Revealed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Glenn Frankel is writing a book about ‘Midnight Cowboy,’ while Keri Walsh is exploring actresses and Method acting from the 1940s to the 1960s

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has named Glenn Frankel and Keri Walsh as its 2018 Academy Film Scholars, a program designed to support new works of film scholarships. Frankel and Walsh will each receive $25,000 grant awards on the basis of their proposals.

Frankel is writing a book that focuses on the Oscar-winning best picture Midnight Cowboy, analyzing how the artists behind it contributed to a film that signified a shift in representation of sexuality in the 1960s. As Frankel’s third book researching the implications of cowboy films in American history, it will explore not only the historical implications of the film, but also the creative elements that led to its success, becoming a milestone in Hollywood’s acceptance of diverse and controversial subject matters, the Academy said.

Walsh, an associate professor in the department of English at Fordham University, is exploring what is critical and feminist about Method acting in Hollywood films. Her project is primarily focused on Method performances by women from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, illuminating their neglected and concealed work, and ultimately showcasing how it broadened women’s possibilities of acting.

“I am thrilled to support Frankel and Walsh in their research so that they may share their expertise for these timely topics that are not only significant to the film industry, but to society as a whole,” Academy Grants Committee chair Buffy Shutt said. “Their works illuminate the importance of diversity and inclusion in the history of film, something that is essential to remember as we look to further the Academy’s mission. We all look forward to seeing the outcome of their research.”

Frankel and Walsh will join 14 Academy film scholars who are currently working on projects and 17 other scholars whose works have already been published. Academy film scholars with projects in progress include Dr. Ellen Scott, Dr. Donna Kornhaber, Charles Musser, Emily Thompson, Stuart Liebman, John Belton, Harlow Robinson, Cari Beauchamp, Patrick Keating, Dan Streible, Thomas Schatz, Laurence Kardish, James Tweedie and Ross Melnick.

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