World War-II British ‘Forces Sweetheart’ Died

London : Singer Dame Vera Lynn ,who became a symbol of hope in Britain during World War-II and more recently during the coronavirus pandemic with her song “We’ll meet again” , has died at the age of 103 . Her family confined she passed away this morning while surrounded by those who close to her.

According to the statement issued “The family are deeply saddened to announce the passing of one of Britain’s best loved entertainers at the age of 103. Dame Vera Lynn, who lived in Ditchling ,East Sussex , passed away earlier today, on June 18, 2020 , surrounded by her close family”

The singer and actress Vera Lynn dubbed the forces’ sweetheart , rose to fame during the Second World War.

Lynn is best known for hits such as ‘We’ll meet again’ ,her rendition of which was hugely popular during World War-II.

Lynn hosted a widely popular BBC radio show during the War called “Sincerely Yours” in which she sent massages to British troops abroad and performed the songs they requested. The half-hour program came on during the highly coveted slot following the Sunday night news.

Vera Lynn dies at 103
British War Time singer Vera Lynn (Twitter)

She once said “Winston Churchill was my opening act”

“When war first started ,when it was declared ,I thought, ‘Well there goes my career.’ You know I shall finish up in a factory . or the army or somewhere” she recalled “you imagined all the theaters closing down., which didn’t happen except when the sirens sounded .And everybody , if they wanted to they could stay in the theater and the show would go on ”

“I’d love to be my legacy ” she said “I’ve never considered my actions as courageous .I was just doing my job ”

Lynn released her first single up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire in 1936.

At the start of the Wartime ,she began singing for people sheltering in air raid shelters before recording her versions of ‘We’ll meet again” in 1939.

However, to mark her 100th birthday in 2017 , giant image of Lynn as a young woman was projected on the White Cliffs and a new album was released .

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