Huge Gathering in Hollywood Protests ,Los Angeles Stood-up

Hollywood Protests (Source : Twitter)

Hollywood Protests : Black Lives Matters

Los Angeles : Is George Floyd Protest movement down ? the answer is no. Just look out the huge rally of an estimated 20,000 people converged on Hollywood on Sunday . The biggest Black Lives Matters march took to Southern California streets to protests racism and Police brutality , with more than dozens demonstrations in Los Angeles county alone tied to deaths of George Floyd , killed by Police on Minneapolis street .

On Sunday evening, an estimated  crowd of about 20,000 peacefully marched west on Hollywood Boulevard from Highland Avenue in Hollywood.

It was one of score of protests across Southern California over the weekend but appeared to be by far the biggest.

According to Los Angeles Police, no arrest were made . LAPD Captain Steve Lurie tweeted about the successful protests on late Sunday night .

Hollywood protesters filled the streets for blocks during the protests sponsored by Black Lives Matters and Rapper YG , who spread the word on Social Media.

The massive demonstration extended all the way to West Hollywood with thousands walking several blocks.

The protesters created a candle light memorial in the Middle of Hollywood and Highland.

However, several other protests were held Sunday afternoon and evening in East Los Angeles , Glendale, Beverly Hills ,and other communities across Southern California.

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