Air Force Officer In Delhi Caught Giving Info To ISI Spy Who Faked Affair

Air Force Officer In Delhi Caught Giving Info To ISI Spy Who Faked Affair

Air Force Officer In Delhi Caught Giving Info To ISI Spy Who Faked Affair. An uncommon cell of the police recorded a body of evidence against the Indian Air Force officer Arun Marwaha on Thursday and captured him. He has been sent to five days’ guardianship.

NEW DELHI: An Indian Air Force (IAF) officer has been captured in Delhi on charges of reconnaissance and passing on grouped data to Pakistani insight organization Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI.

Gathering Captain Arun Marwaha, 51, spilled data and reports to two Pakistani operators who visited with him via web-based networking media professing to be ladies, say agents.

The officer, posted at the IAF central command in Delhi, has been charged under the Official Secrets Act and faces up to seven years in prison.

Sources say after the officer become friends with the ISI specialists on Facebook – they had counterfeit profiles as ladies – a couple of months back and they began visiting frequently on WhatsApp. They purportedly even traded suggest messages. In the wake of picking up his trust, the specialists approached the officer for grouped records. The officer shared them routinely on WhatsApp, as indicated by sources. The data that he shared was apparently on new organizations in the field of digital fighting, space and extraordinary activities.

A senior Air Force officer found the huge rupture fourteen days prior and set up an interior examination. At the point when Group Captain Marwaha’s part was uncovered, IAF educated the Delhi Police. Subsequent to addressing him for 10 days, the counter-knowledge wing of the Air Force turned the case over to the police.

The officer was captured on Thursday as he was strolling into the Air Force base camp with his cellphone, which isn’t permitted in the building. He has been sent to five days’ police authority by a court.

Agents from IAF’s counter insight wing are looking at whether officer Marwaha was a piece of a bigger surveillance ring keep running from Pakistan, sources say.

The IAF has not formally remarked on the capture but rather sources say the officer was enjoying sure “undesirable exercises” through “unapproved electronic gadgets”.

(This Story originating from NDTV)

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