11 Days, 11 Hikes: Petrol, Diesel Costlier By Over 2.5 Rupees Per Liter

Petroleum and diesel costs today were climbed in the scope of 19-31 paise per liter crosswise over Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, denoting the eleventh straight day of climbs in the costs of oil and diesel. Household petroleum and diesel costs are resolved extensively by unrefined petroleum cost in the worldwide market and the rupee-dollar swapping scale. The nonstop increment in residential petroleum and diesel costs is owing to the rally in raw petroleum in recent weeks, combined with debilitating of the rupee against the US dollar, say experts. The legislature has shown a conceivable intercession in the coming days to check the taking off petroleum and diesel rates.

Here are five things to think about oil and diesel costs today:

1. With impact from 6 am on Thursday, May 24, oil costs were at Rs. 77.47 for every liter in Delhi, Rs. 80.12 for each liter in Kolkata, Rs. 85.29 for each liter in Mumbai and Rs. 80.42 for each liter in Chennai, as per Indian Oil Corporation. Diesel costs, as per the nation’s biggest fuel retailer, were at Rs. 68.53 for each liter in Delhi, Rs. 71.08 for each liter in Kolkata, Rs. 72.96 for every liter in Mumbai and Rs. 72.35 for every liter in Chennai.

2. Thursday’s expansion included, petroleum costs have been raised by Rs. 2.84 for each liter in Delhi, Rs. 2.8 for every liter in Kolkata, Rs. 2.81 for every liter in Mumbai and Rs. 2.99 for each liter in Chennai in 11 days, information appears. Diesel costs have been expanded by Rs. 2.6 for each liter, Rs. 2.45 for each liter, Rs. 2.76 for each liter and Rs. 2.79 for every liter separately.

Petroleum cost (in Rs. per litre) Diesel cost (in Rs. per liter)

24-May 23-May 13-May 24-May 23-May 13-May

Delhi 77.47 77.17 74.63 68.53 68.34 65.93

Kolkata 80.12 79.83 77.32 71.08 70.89 68.63

Mumbai 85.29 84.99 82.48 72.96 72.76 70.2

Chennai 80.42 80.11 77.43 72.35 72.14 69.56


3. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) boss Amit Shah had said on Tuesday that the administration would think of an answer in three-four days to keep a mind expanding fuel costs in the nation. “We are considering increment in fuel costs important… oil costs have expanded by a set recipe. We are dealing with the circumstance at the largest amount. Our kin in the legislature will concoct an answer in three-four days,” he had said.

4. As of now, petroleum and diesel costs are at untouched highs in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Oil and diesel costs fluctuate from state to state contingent upon nearby deals duty or VAT (esteem included assessment). Fuel rates are not under GST. The administration had said a month ago that oil based goods ought to be brought under GST so purchasers can get the advantage of value justification.

COMMENTS5. Raw petroleum rupee: Crude oil costs in the universal market plunged today on desires that OPEC individuals will venture up creation even with stresses over supply from both Venezuela and Iran. OPEC and some non-OPEC real oil makers are planned to meet in Vienna on June 22. Costs anyway were not a long way from their 2014 highs. In the mean time, the rupee shut at a 18-month low against the US dollar on Wednesday.


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