Experimental Cultivation of HRMN-99 Apple variety

Beldanga, Murshidabad: Apple in India is generally associated with Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, but an agro enthusiast primary school teacher Rupesh Das has successfully cultivated the popular fruit in his own farm.

Rupesh Das, a resident of Beldanga of Murshidabad district (West Bengal), wanted to do something different. On an experimental basis, he planted 4 to 5 apple plants of HRMN-99, Anna & Dossart Golden varities in his farm and his effort bore fruit as he has successfully cultivated tasty apples.

“Two years ago, I brought three species of apple trees from Himachal Pradesh and planted in my gargen” Rupesh Das said, “I started caring for these apple trees. Finally, the apple trees started giving fruit. The tastes ans sweetness of these apples are quite good. Even quite juicy”

‘The apple trees have adapted very well to this hot weather” he added, “basically three types of apple trees, e.g, HRMN-99, Anna & Dossart Golden varities are capable of producing apples if given proper care.”

‘The HRMN-99 variety does not require chilling hours for flowering and ftuit setting,” Rupesh Das said, “normal winter season of Bengal is sufficient for productivity. But, special attention should be paid to pruning. Fungicide should be applied at least twice a month during rainy season.”

However, Rupesh Das has become a source of inspiration for thousands. This successful initiative will motivate others to take up apple cultivation which will help farmers in the West Bengal region yield huge profits.

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