Nourished up of lady’s steady requests to return of advance

Nourished up of lady’s steady requests to return of advance, borrower cuts her 16 times

Nourished up of lady : A occupant of Behrampada in Bandra East was so tired of lady’s consistent indication of the advance she took, that she at last killed her.

Nourished up of lady's steady requests to return of advance, borrower cuts her 16 times

Nourished : The BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) police as of late captured Reshma Ansari, 38, for the murder of Mumtaz Arif Shaikh, 48, who she claimed Rs 50,000.

Right around 8 months back, Reshma had acquired Rs 50,000 from Mumtaz to pay her youngster’s charges, as per a report in early afternoon.

Reshma couldn’t restore the cash and the consistent pestering for the arrival of the credit drove her to an outrageous wrath that brought about Mumtaz’ demise.

On March 1, police got a call from Tata Colony, Bandra East, around an obscure bloodied body being found. The police enlisted a case and started an examination.

Police recognized the casualty as Mumtaz, an occupant of Behrampada in Bandra East, and the posthumous report uncovered that she was cut 16 times.

Mumtaz, who was exchanged chit support, functioned as a guardian in a school transport, Mid-day’s report additionally uncovers. She was a dowager and lived with her child who works an OLA driver.

As per police reports, the defining moment amongst Reshma and Mumtaz came after the last humiliated Reshma before her relatives over the Rs 50,000 advance. That is when Reshma chose to show Mumtaz a lesson. Reshma plotted her requital design and purchased a blade. She at that point took Mumtaz to Tata Colony in Bandra East in an appearance of restoring the obtained advance sum.

Be that as it may, Reshma killed Mumtaz by wounding her different circumstances and after that she tossed the weapon a canal and went home.

Reshma has been charged under IPC (Indian Penal Code) Sections 302 (kill) and 201 (Causing vanishing of proof).

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