Major violence broke out in DJ Halli area of Bengaluru

Bengaluru : A social media post on Prophet led to violence in Bengaluru on Tuesday late night. A crowd of almost as thousand people gathered in-front of the DG Halli police station demanding for Congress MLA R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy’s kin who posted derogatory social media post to be arrested.

Members of a community allegedly pelt stones, burn vehicles and attack police over a derogatory post by a close relative of Pulakeshinagar MLA.

The violence broke out in DJ Halli area after the protesters alleged that the family member of the congress MLA allegedly uploaded an inciting social media post about the prophet, according to report.

The violent mob attacked a police station in DJ Halli area and had also gathered outside the MLA’s residence. A complaint already lodged at DJ Halli Police Station in Bengaluru against the MLA’s nephew.

Bengaluru Police tweeted “a unfortunate incidents have occurred in DG village and KG village premises, and police have resorted lathi-charge, snuff and shootings to keep the situation under control”

Bengaluru Communal violence over social media post on prophet

Police also said strict action will be taken against the guilty.

Meanwhile, the MLA’s relative claimed innocence saying that his Facebook account was hacked and he had no knowledge about the alleged derogatory post on the Prophet.

Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai assured of thorough probe and action against the miscreants. He condemned the violent incident, saying the issue will be probed, but vandalism is not the solution. He said, additional forces have been deployed in the sensitive areas.

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