CSIR-CMERI organises SKJMFT-2021. Prof. Dr. Harish Hirani in prize distribution ceremony

Union Sports Minister Nitish Pramanik appreciated CMERI’s ‘Fit India’ initiative

Kolkata: CSIR-CMERI Durgapur has organized a mega football tournament ‘SKJMFT-2021’. The SKJMFT Event was inspired and is in perfect tune with the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi’s Dream Vision of a ‘Fit India’. Prof. Harish Hirani, President, CMERI Staff Club, drew curtains to the Prof. S.K. Joshi Memorial Football Tournament (SKJMFT) in the presence of CSIR-Sports Promotion Board members Mrs Shobhna Choudhury and Shri Jagtap.

The Grand Finale of the SKJMFT-21 was held on September 16, 2021, between the teams of CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur and CSIR-CIMFR, Dhanbad at Durgapur. CSIR-CIMFR, Dhanbad came out as the champions of the Tournament. Around 250 Footballers from across the Nation participated in the SKJMFT-21.

It may be mentioned that CSIR-CMERI had followed all appropriate COVID behaviour and protocols in organizing  the Tournament.  During the tournament, as being followed at the CSIR-CMERI premises, a number of innovative and indigenously developed scientific interventions and measures were adopted by all individuals including the participating teams:

  • Usage of Face Masks and its regular changes
  • Use of Incineration Box  for scientific disposal of Face Masks, Hand Gloves etc.
  • Installation of CSIR-CMERI indigenously developed COPS System for proper hand hygiene, disinfection of vehicles and vending of Face Masks to the needy persons having embedded provision for thermal scanning of the entrants.
  • Set up of a localized dedicated COVID Care Centre within the premises considering any possible threat or requirement from the participants / residents during the event.
  • Largerdining area for the team members ensuring proper physical distancing
  • Creation of facility of Oxygen Parlour for refreshing / re-boosting of immunity level of the participants
  • Provision for Round the Clock availability of Ambulance Service to tackle with the emergent cases
CSIR CMERI organises SKJMFT 2021 in respect of Modi fit India vision

Based upon their performance in the Tournament, 20 Players were shortlisted who would be representing the CSIR National Team and would be competing in the Prof. S.K. Joshi Memorial Invitational Football Tournament with Inter-Departmental Teams. Prof. S.K. Joshi Memorial Invitational Football Tournament would be organised at CSIR-CMERI on 25th and 26th September 2021.

Shri NisithPramanik, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of India appreciated the initiative and efforts of CSIR-CMERI in organizing such a Mega Event, which is line with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s vision of ‘Fit India’. Hon’ble Minister of State also shared that the event will enthuse and encourage the Youth of the region to participate in Sporting Endeavors.

Prof. Harish Hirani, President, CSIR Sports Promotion Board and President, CMERI Staff Club, thanked the officials of the CSIR-Sports Promotion Board and the organisers of the SKJMFT-21 for their incessant efforts and initiatives which has made this event a benchmark event in CSIR Sporting History.

CSIR CMERI organises SKJMFT 2021 in respect of Modi fit India vision

The SKJMFT Event was inspired and is in perfect tune with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India’s Dream Vision of a ‘FiT India’. Prof.Hirani made a special mention of Dr.Himadri Roy, Vice-President, CMERI Staff Club and Shri J.S. Sharan, Vice-President, CMERI Staff Club. There is no such word as Failure in Sporting Dictionary, it is only an addition to your experience and a chance to improvise upon your existing performance and shortcomings. I wish the newly constituted CSIR National Team luck and urge them to indulge and immerse themselves in the upcoming Mega Sporting Event named Prof. S.K. Joshi Memorial Invitational Football Tournament.

CSIR-CMERI will provide all necessary Infrastructural and Coaching Support for the CSIR National Team so that all the shortcomings may be adequately addressed before the Mega Event. I request the Youth to come forward so that the Sporting Diamonds are adequately explored. Sports should be embraced as an inherent part of Life and this would act as Stress-Buster in today’s Fast-Paced life.

As envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Prof.Hirani requested everyone to at least dedicate an hour a day to Sports as it would also help enhance their performance in Professional Assignments and improve their overall health and psychology. Sports is like meditation and it definitely provides a Goal and Objective to Life. Sporting Events such as the SKJMFT will help augment Integration and Collaboration in the CSIR Fraternity. Our Best and Worst Enemy is our Mind, it only depends how we mold the health of our Mind.

Mrs. Shobhna Choudhary, Member, CSIR-Sports Promotion Board, congratulated CSIR-CMERI in hosting such a wonderful event in spite of many odds such as Inclement Weather conditions and COVID-19 protocols. Prof.Hirani’s support and interventions for crisis management made the tournament a Grand Success in spite of all odds.

Shri Jagtabh shared that CSIR-CMERI’s achievement in organising the SKJMFT in a short span of time is really appreciable. Whenever there was a problem, the Organising Committee was ready with a Solution for the same. The entire Tournament has been a symbol of Sportsmanship and Team-Spirit. He expressed his enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming Prof. S.K. Joshi Memorial Invitational Football Tournament to be held at CSIR-CMERI on 25th-26th September 2021.

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