‘Democracy is all about discussion, debate and discourse’ : Devendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis (file image-ANI)

Strongly Condemn the cowardly attack on Arnab Goswami’

Mumbai : Former chief Minister of Maharashtra and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis said on a twitter post that ‘democracy is all about discussion , debate and discourse and not of suppression of expression by including in violence” . The former CM of Mahrashtra strongly condemn the cowardly attack on Rebublic Media’s senior editor Arnab Goswami and also demands strong action and punishment to the guilt.

Actually , last night the editor-in-chief of Republic TV Arnab Goswami alleged he was attacked by youth congress workers on his way back from his studio in Mumbai . In a video massage Arnab said ” At around 12:15am, I was driving back from studio with my wife. My car was overtaken by two people in two bikes. They turned to me, pointed at me, they started hitting my car and trying to break the windowpane,”

” They were throwing some sort of liquid at the vehicle, he said. The attackers were accosted, and Goswami said the security personnel informed him they were Youth Congress workers sent specifically to assault him. They had tailed me and they were given information by higher-ups to attack me. I want to tell you Sonia Gandhi, you are the biggest coward in the country right now. You have no guts to face me and I will hold you personally responsible. If anything were to happen to me, Sonia Gandhi will be responsible” he added.

Actually, last night, in a prime time debate show on Palghar mob Lynching , Arnab had attacked Sonia Gandhi‘s silence . Arnab asked to Sonia ” if Maulvis or Padres would have been targeted the way Hindu saints were in ; would Italy’s Antonia Maino (Sonia Gandhi) remain silent then ?” He also added “if the victim had been Christian Padres , Sonia Gandhi, would had come from Rome (Italy) would not have remained close-mouthed on the issue’

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