New Delhi : Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued an operational circular over the impacts of locusts on aviation. The main objective of this circular is to get aviation fraternity aware of risks posed by locust swarms and the need to avoid flying through a swarm.

DGCA issued locusts Circular for aviation

According to the DGCA circular –

Background : In the recent days India has witnessed an unusually high locusts activity. While India dose encounter Locusts activity in  small scale anually. However, the level of presence of locusts witnessed this year was last seen more than 20 years.

Locust swarms can vary from less than one square kilometer to several hundreds square kilometer. There can be atleast 40 million and sometimes as many as 80 million , Locusts adults in each square kilometer of swarm.

Objectives :

As locust swarm fly along with the current wind , their path of travel changes with change in wind direction. Predetermination of their travel path is difficult to forecast as weather sattelites and other sattelites used to monitor the environment cannot detected Locust swarm.

Impact on Aircraft Operation :

Generally locusts are found at lower levels and therefore pose a threat to aircraft in the critical landing and take off phase of the flight.

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