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‘Is Doctors and Butchers are same ? Watch Dr Anirban Dutta’s viral song ‘Ami Daktar’

Dr.Anirban Dutta and Nachiketa Chaktaborty in a frame (Edited)

Dr.Anirban Dutta Tuned ‘ami Daktar’

Kolkata : Doctors, nurses , medical staffs , police and many other essential service providers who working despite the risk of novel coronavirus pandemic have been honored as ‘Corona Warriors’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi . But, in last few weeks , many cases have been reported in the nation where these frontline corona fighters were ruthlessly assaulted.

On a viral video song ; Dr. Anirban Dutta sang “Sahos jodi thake Nachiketa, ekbar neme esso pothe , tumii toh buke jelechile agun , tumii toh paro bodlateami daktar .. ” ( If you have the courage Nachiketa, come down once on the road , you are the one who caught fire in chest , you can change that … I am a doctor “

Daktar mane seto manush i hoy , sartho jonmo dei bhogobaan , girgiti o shilpi eki toh naa , kintu dutoi bodlaii rong , jaat tule galagal shilpo na kono din, girgitir bojha darkar … ami daktar ..

Dr. Anirban Dutta
Video Courtesy – Sangbad Pratidin (YouTube Channel)

In a conclusive massage Dr. Dutta said “Doctors are not the enemy of people. Let’s all come forward to fight against deadly coronavirus. “

Actually, Dr. Anirban Dutta sings in Nachiketa’s tune to express his protest against a famous Bengali song ‘O Daktar‘ ; where the popular Bengali singer Nachiketa Chakraborty said “daktar o kosai duto ekai toh noi, kintu dutoi aaj profession … o daktar (The doctor and the butcher are not the same, but today both are professions … Doctor)

Video Coutesy- Saregama Bengali (youtube channel)

Nachiketa Chakraborty is an famous Indian Bengali singer , songwriter, musician, composer and playback singer who known for his modern Bengali lyrics )popularly termed as ‘JeebanMukhi‘). He achieved fame in the early 1990s , with the release of his debut album “Ei Besh Bhalo Achi

However , Union Cabinet has cleared an ordinance on protecting health workers from attacks. The central government has brought an ordinance to end violence against health workers. Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said “Health workers who are trying to save the country from this epidemic are unfortunately facing attacks. No incident of violence or harassment, against them will be tolerated “

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