Hindu Sena had organized a 'Yajna' at Delhi's iconic Jantar Mantar (Reuters)

US Election 2020 : Hindu Sena wants Kamala Harris too

Supporters of US President Donald Trump in India are leaving no stones unturned to ensure that he wins the US Presidential Election 2020. Fires wire lit, humans were chanted and ghee offered to the fire as Donald Trump’s photos were all around, where dozens of Hindu Sena (Hindu Army) activists joined a priest wearing saffron robs to conduct fire rituals for Donald Trump’s victory.

Hindu Sena, a religious right-wing group, that claims to have the support of 5 millions Hindus says it wants Donald Trump to be re-elected in order to keep India’s main rivals -Pakistan and China- in check.

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“The USA and the whole world need Donald Trump for saving humanity from the evil Islamic terror”, the organization said in a statement

The added “India can fight terrorism only if Trump is around, and both China and Pakistan will stay restrained as long as he is the president”

“We wish Kamala Harris well because of her Indian ancestry, but vice-president are not as powerful”

Hindu Sena had organized a ‘Yajna’ at Delhi’s iconic Jantar Mantar ahead of talks between Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “We reformed the rituals to seek God’s blessings for PM Modi and President Trump and to pray that they can work together to eradicate terrorism” the group’s chief said.

(With inputs PTI and Reuters)

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