Hyderabad : Gandhi hospital junior doctors on strike, demanding security for Medicos

Junior Doctors of Hyderabad Gandhi Hospital Protesting (Twitter)

Hyderabad : A day after a Post Graduate student was allegedly assaulted by relatives of a COVID-19 patient at Gandhi hospital, around 300 junior doctors have continued their protests on Wednesday. The main demands of the protesting junior doctors are to decentralize coronavirus services from Gandhi hospital and improve security facilities by deploying personnel from Special Protection Force (SPF).

The Hyderabad Gandhi Hospital junior doctors participated in the sit-in along with banners that read “We are here to serve and not to suffer‘ , ‘Covid-19 journey claps to slap‘, ‘Exhausted and under staffed‘ , ‘Why only Gandhi ? ‘ 

A member of Telangana Junior Doctor Association (TJUDA) demanded that “the hospital staffs has been working day and night for coronavirus patients and are totally exhausted. This is the time for authority to start COVID only hospitals in district also’

Junior doctors of Gandhi Hospitals demanding justice . watch video

They demanding to decentralize COVID-19 services from Gandhi hospital.

TJUDA , Gandhi Hospital unit president president Dr. Lohit Reddy said that the third year PG student doctor Venkannagari Vikas Reddy was attending a 55 years old patient admitted in Acute Medical Care (AMC) ward. According to report, The patient who was admitted four days ago suffered  from mild respiratory failure and was supported by CPAP . The patients attendants were informed of the critical health conditions.

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Dr. Vikas Reddy said that “despite warning the patient not to remove the Oxygen mask , he removed it to go the washroom and collapsed there. He died at around 7:30 PM on Tuesday:

Dr. Reddy added “We don’t know how did the two attendants got to know about it. They ran towards the patient, saw him collapsed , ran towards us .They threw a plastic chair which broke upon hitting against my hand. Then they threw an iron stool , I evaded and it hit my hip’

However, protests erupted across Telangana as doctors stand in solidarity with those protesting a Gandhi Hospital.

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