India’s Secular Ethnicity : Sanjay Mali Observes Roza for Zafar

Divisional Forest Officer Sanjay N Mali observes Roza. Image Credit : ANI

Humanity above Religion 

Digital Desk (Buldhana, Maharashtra): Hindu Divisional Forest Officer Sanjay. N. Mali keeping Roza (fast) in place of his driver Zafar during the holy month of Ramzan . It is India’s secular ethnic culture , where religious beliefs aside and placing humanity first. Sanjay .N.Mali, the divisional Forest Officer of Buldhana , believes that every person should do his/her bit to spread communal harmony .

On an interview with ANI reporter, Mali said “On 6th May , i asked him (Zafar) if he will keep Roza. He said he won’t be able to as his health does not support him because of duty . So, I told him I will do it in his place. ” . Sanjay Mali added “Since May 6 , I have been keeping Roza (fast). I wake up at 4 A.M and eat something . Then I break my roza after 7 pm. ”

Really, this is an ideal example of communal harmony which genuinely reflecting India’s rich secular culture . Sanjay Mali said “I believe every religions teaches us something good . We must spread communal harmony. We first see humanity; religion is secondary. After Keeping roza, I am feeling very fresh”

News Source : ANI

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