Karnataka decisions set Reddy siblings back in real life

Karnataka decisions set Reddy siblings back in real life

Karnataka decisions : While three key players – BJP, Congress and JD(S) battle to shape the administration in Karnataka, the Reddy siblings in North Karnataka appear to appreciate the show.

Karnataka decisions set Reddy siblings back in real life
Reddy brothers win in Harapanahali and Ballard city. (Photo: Sushma Swaraj with BS Sriramulu (left) and one of the Reddy brothers, G. Janardhan Reddy, in a photo from 1999.)

Regardless of BJP boss Amit Shah declaring they don’t had anything to do with Janardhana Reddy, the other two Reddy siblings, Karunakara Reddy and Somashekara Reddy appear to have the cake and eating it as well.

The Reddy siblings had eight seats on their platter and keeping in mind that they may have not had a flat out triumph of all seats, both Karunakara Reddy and Somashekara Reddy have won in Harapanahali and Ballary city separately.

Their sibling Janardhana Reddy was blamed for being associated with illicit mining to the tune of thousands of crores. His dear companion Sriramulu lost in Molakalmuru against Siddaramaiah.

At the point when the Congress needed to pick a competitor, they contributed Anil Lad Ballary city. Another mining nobleman blamed for debasement. “It’s not about the Congress or BJP, it’s not about the degenerate or the fair. Be that as it may, who can convey advancement to Ballary and on the off chance that it is gone to the Reddy’s at that point this is on the grounds that we see that the streets have enhanced and little changes are going on around,” said Rehaan, a young from Ballary.

Nonetheless, numerous other feel this is on the grounds that they are laymen and not individuals of energy that they don’t have a say in who remain for races. “I have the privilege to vote however I have constrained alternatives. I am a little individual who votes in favor of the purpose of voting in light of the fact that occasionally we are debilitated that on the off chance that we don’t vote, our names will be removed the voter list,” said Yamman, an auto rickshaw driver in Ballary.

Another autorickshaw included that everything depends how much cash is being drawn in for votes and that is the thing that decides triumph. “I require power and a better than average living. In the present day numerous our degenerate and if individuals give the poor voter cash, they will take it and vote”.

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