Pakistan : Blackout in Karachi triggers IAF Balakot airstrike fear

IAF fighter jet (Representative image, Twitter)

Karachi Blackout : Panic over IAF Strike

Indian Air Force (IAF) surgical strike panic gripped across Pakistan on Tuesday night after several social media posts which mentioned that ‘IAF fighter Jet crossed the LOC and flew over Karachi , leading to authorities in Pakistan blackout the town’. Pakistani nationals expressed their fear over another IAF air-strike after Balakot on Twitter . Netizens claimed that they saw IAF air jets formation in the sky.

However, residents of the Pakistan’s port city stated that ‘it was for the first time when a large group of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets hovered in the sky after February 27, 2019- the day after when Indian Air Force conducted air strike in Pakistan’s Balakot region. ‘

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Pakistani reporter Wajahat Kazmi tweeted “It’s probably after 27th Feb 2019 that I have heard so many PAF Jets patrolling the sky. I hope nothing serious is happening or expected to happen”

Rumors over IAF Jet gripped Pakistan’s social media users. They expressed their fear after Karachi blackout.

IAF Surgical strike fears gripped Pakistan . Check another video .

However, Karachi based Mohsin Masood tweeted “There is nothing like blackout in Karachi … I live here in Karachi and we are at peace … No panic !!”

Meanwhile, On February 26, 2019 , the Indian Air Force (IAF) conducted surgical strikes in Balakot on terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed camps inflecting heavy casualties . On the very next day , Pakistan Air Force violated Indian Air space , but were intercepted by IAF . In the Sky war, Pakistan lost their modern super-sonic F-18 fighter jet and India lost Mig-21 Bison .

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