Richa Bharti : Today They Are Making Me Distribute Quran, Tomorrow They Might Ask Me to Accept Islam and Read Namaz

Richa Bharti (Credit : ANI)

Donate Quran Order : Richa Bharti’s Statement 

Ranchi, Digital report : Distributes copies of Quran to get bail ?  Really a ridiculous judgement in a secular country . Actually, the Ranchi Court’s honorable Judicial Magistrate Manish Singh asked Richa Bharti to submit one copy of the holy book Quran to the local Anjuman Committee in the presence of police authorities and four more copies to different libraries in the city.

19 Years old Jharkhand girl Richa Bharti , who was recently arrested for sharing an offensive social media post targeting Muslims , has been granted bail by Ranchi Court on the condition that she donate five copies of Quran to separate institutions in the city.

On reaction of court verdict , Richa Bharti says “Other communities also make such posts, have they ever been asked to recite Hunuman Chalisa and visit temples ?” . She also added “Today they are making me distribute Quran, tomorrow they might ask me to accept Islam and read Namaz”. Watch Richa Bhari’s Statement.

Earlier, On July 12, Khalifa lodged a complaint at the Pithoria Police Station against College student Richa Bharti alleging that she was instrumental in uploading objectionable posts on both Facebook and Whatsapp . In his first information report , Khalifa said the content of Richa Bharti’s Facebook posts were directed against a particular religion and that could have distributed the communal harmony of the society .

After, that allegation, Jharkahnd Police arrested Richa Bharti on the same day and sent to jail. Today, Ranchi Court’s Sub judicial Magistrate issued a conditional bail order of Quarn distribution . After such ridiculous judgement, Twitter and entire social media trending with #RichaBharti , #SackManishSingh , #Quran etc. Lets check few trending posts regarding this issue .

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