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Meet Capt Pradeep Arya, the IRS officer who won the Shaurya Chakra

Meet Capt Pradeep Arya, the IRS officer who won the Shaurya Chakra

Meet Capt Pradeep Arya, the IRS officer who won the Shaurya Chakra

Not numerous future astonished if an armed force man gets the Shaurya Chakra, India’s third-most astounding peacetime courage grant. In any case, a salary assess officer? That too to fight the foe at the Line of control (LoC)?

Meet Captain Pradeep Shoury Arya, the nation’s first Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer and Additional Commissioner of Income-Tax, Mumbai (Investigation Wing) who has been grant Shaurya Chakra for his endeavors in obstructing a penetration offer in Kashmir.

Arya is an officer in the Territorial Army. He was charged into the 106 Infantry Battalion Territorial Army where he was appended with fourth Battalion-Parachute Regiment (Special Forces).

Chief Arya was the mission pioneer entrusted to shape an insight arrange along the LoC in Baramulla area of Jammu and Kashmir.

Captain Pradeep Shoury Arya the country's first Indian Revenue Service to be award Shaurya Chakra
Captain Pradeep Shoury Arya the country’s first Indian Revenue Service to be award Shaurya Chakra

Blasting GUNS

On May 28, 2017, he was educated of a likely penetration offer by the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) around Chabuk in the 19 Infantry Division region.

Commander Arya sorted out a snare party and pushed forward to block the infiltrators.

An official discharge issued by the Indian Army stated, “At around 10.30 pm on May 28, 2017, Captain Arya recognized [movement] of 4-6 fear based oppressors propelling 200 m in the nallah. Dreading the fear mongers may disappear utilizing the moonless night and thick wilderness foliage, the officer and his troop demonstrating pre-famous valor pushed forward in the mined zone to block them and promptly started a fire battle.”

“Showing courage at the danger of his life and icy nerves he shut in, and sited himself over a fallen tree ignoring the fear based oppressors, Captain Arya indicating gallant activity and rousing battle authority kept running ahead from his hid position, oblivious of his own wellbeing and came specifically in contact with the psychological militants and disposed of them,” the discharge said.


Today, Captain Arya is back in Mumbai in his bureaucratic symbol. While conversing with, Captain Arya stated, “When the wage Tax office came to think about this honor, Sushil Chandra, the director of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) rang and complimented me.”

Chief Arya cherished what he improved the situation the nation. He stated, “When a shot is discharged, the projectile does not change bearings seeing an IRS officer before it. It experiences you.”

Why the Parachute Regiment? “Since I am a pilot – a prepared pilot,” he said. For two months in a year, he serves in the Territorial Army.

As a civil servant what is the greatest test at the front? “Each time I go there, I need to reveal to myself that I am not an IRS officer. On the off chance that you run there with your status and conscience, than the men will never regard you. They regard a man in order who’ll lead them…They regard a man who can give his life for them and consequently they would give their lives for him.”

Commander Arya has a place with the 2004 bunch of the IRS and is directly posted in International Taxation of Mumbai. He has been a piece of the examination wing and his past assignments incorporate Direct Tax Training Institution, Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal, Corporate Charge and Central Circle.


In 2013, Captain Arya was the beneficiary of National Award from the President of India for Best Electoral Practices, organized by the Election Commission of India, for controlling huge amount of trade amid decisions out Karnataka and Nagaland.

As a major aspect of the Special Forces, Northern Command, Udhampur, he had created adequate knowledge in light of which uncommon operations were propelled for killing fear based oppressors.

He was presented the Chief of Army Staff Commendation in acknowledgment for his commitment to obligation and following illegal tax avoidance and stream of assets for fear mongering and hostile to national exercises in Jammu and Kashmir.

At the point when asked how his family responds when he’s posted at the fringe, Captain Arya stated, ” I think, throughout the years, my family now comprehends the estimation of life and the idea of death. With respect to me I endeavor to adjust my responsibility regarding my family and to my nation.”

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