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Andhra 14-Year-Old Raped Allegedly By TDP Worker, Is 3 Months Pregnant

Andhra 14-Year-Old Raped Allegedly By TDP Worker, Is 3 Months Pregnant

ANDHRA PRADESH : At the point when the young lady fell oblivious at her home in Guntur, her family took her to a clinic. The specialists were stunned to locate her three months pregnant

Andhra 14-Year-Old Raped Allegedly By TDP Worker, Is 3 Months Pregnant
The accused threatened the girl and even gave her Rs. 100 to keep her mouth shut.

GUNTUR, ANDHRA PRADESH: It was a customary day for this 14-year-old young lady when she fell oblivious at her home in Andhra Pradesh. Her family took her for a therapeutic registration, yet the specialists at the clinic were stunned to discover her no less than three months pregnant. After rehashed scrutinizing, the young lady at long last disclosed to her folks that she was assaulted over and over supposedly by a Telugu Desam Party (TDP) laborer who even gave her Rs. 100 to stay silent.

The 43-year-old charged, Mabub Vali, is known to the family and tricked the young lady with soda pops before assaulting her at a neighbor’s place, her family asserted.

Vali debilitated her and assaulted her different circumstances from that point forward, the young lady said. The denounced has been captured.

The young lady’s sister told the police that Mabub Vali, who is related with the TDP and is a co-selected individual from a nearby government body, had offered to intercede amongst her and her repelled spouse.

”He had guaranteed to help me and my family, and now he has done this to my guiltless sister. He has youngsters and grandchildren however debilitated and misused my sister,” she said.

The police have sent the young lady to Gurazala clinic for restorative care. “On the off chance that important we will send her to Guntur healing facility,” Guruzala Deputy Superintendent of Police KVVNV Prasad said.

Will therapeutic end of her pregnancy be an alternative isn’t clear yet.

Prior this month, a 60-year-old rickshaw-puller supposedly assaulted a nine-year-old young lady in Dachepalli. He, as well, had baited the young lady with chocolates to his home where he professedly assaulted her. Before dropping her back, he debilitated to murder her in the event that she told anybody. The specialists who affirmed the rape needed to join her to quit dying.

The ambush prompted movement halting challenges in the territory. After two days, the charged was discovered swinging from a tree.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who has volunteered to be the young lady’s gatekeeper, had called for open hanging of the attackers.

The Chief Minister said there was a need to ingrain fear in attackers that the day they carry out such terrible wrongdoing will be their last day on earth. “Just this dread could go about as a hindrance,” he included.

He additionally declared that the legislature will set up unique courts for early trial in assault cases. He engaged legal counselors not to shield the charged.

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