‘Covid turns into a money making festival’- Netizens

New Delhi : Despite numerous complaints of overcharging in COVID-19 treatments, governments still has no regulations on private hospitals. On Saturday, a twitter a price board for COVID-19 related treatments in Delhi’s Max Hospital , and being trending on social media. The trending picture shows the costs being charged by the Max Superficiality hospital in Pratapganj for treatment of novel coronavirus.

The twitter used named Gautam Kapoor (@gautamkapoor54) wrote that “Max Hospitals, I want to curb your absurd pricing and shameless foraging for money .I can supply you latex PPEs at Rs.600 p, Nitril gloves at Rs.275 pc, N95 at Rs.375 PC, surgical masks at Rs.2 pp, sanitizers at Rs.20 pb. Stop your loot #MaxHospital ”

Meanwhile, according to details shared on Twitter photo “Per day charges for COVID Management

Package Economy Double Single ICU ICU with Ventilator
COVID medical management Per day package ₹25,000 ₹27,100 ₹30,400 ₹53,000 72,500

Charges for PPE range from ₹3,900 to ₹7,900 and COVID testing is priced at ₹4,500.

However, there has been much outrage over what Netizens have called ‘looting’ by the private hospital. Social Media influencer  Abhijit Majumder tweeted “The Epidemic Act is in force. Why can’t the government take to task hospitals like Max who have turned #COVID into a money making festival ?

Following the criticism , the hospital issued a clarification and tweeted “A picture related of the pricing of COVID treatment at Max Pratapganj stated in some tweets as Max Gurgaon) is veing circulated on social media. However, it did not carry all the facts such as inclusions of routine tests, routine medicines, doctor and nurse charges etc”

However, Nerizens are very much reacting over Max price board. get some tweets regarding this issue. Dr Avni Chaudhary (@DrAvnii) wrote “The economy is already down,People are starving due to lack of food and money. Total crisis all over and this hospital is sucking blood od patients under the name of treatment. Do have Golden Beds in your hospital or 100% successful treatment ? Shame #maxhospital ”

Yogesh Kumar tweeted ” Don’t justify extortion … that’s what it is … That’s how are turning crisis into opportunities. A big shame #maxhospital ”

Rishabh Agarwal “#maxhospital when patient is getting discharge “Mall Kidhar hai (where the money) ?”

However, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu among the few states that recently capped the rates for COVID and non-COVID treatment in the state to address the issue of over billing by healthcare providers , but Delhi still in exception.

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