Delhi Locust attack : Govt issues advisory to control probable locust attack

Locusts attack in Rajasthan (Twitter)

Delhi locust attack advisory

New Delhi : Delhi government issues advisory on preventive measures to control probable lucust attack in the National capital. A swarm of locusts that was supposed to hit Delhi have been diverted due to a change in wind direction. However, the threat still looms as new swarms continue to throng India from across the neighbouring Pakistan border.

Delhi Locust attack advisory

Delhi government has issued advisory to prevent probable locust attack in Delhi. As per the advisory –

  1. Organize awareness program for public/ farmers to prevent / control the probable locust attack of swarm of locusts in the NCT of Delhi
  2. As the swarm usually fly in the day time, and rest during night time therefore the locusts should not be allowed to rest especially during night.
  3. The concerned authorities may carry out spraying of insecticides /pesticides , as per need during night
Delhi locust attack advisory

However, several states in North India grapple to keep large swarms at bay, the government has deployed advanced sprayers, drones, and tractors to prevent acres of crop fields from getting damaged due to the locust attack.

The locusts first attacked Rajasthan, from where they bypassed Delhi and likely to hit Madhya Pradesh and are expected to attack Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra as well.

The Locust Warning Office (LWO) has also issued high alerts for the states of Haryana and Punjab where the swarm is likely to enter.

The Central government also joined hands with the states to check the probable locust attack.

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