Site crashing, questions missing causes panic

New Delhi : The Open Book Examinations (OBE) turns into mockery show for the students of Delhi University due to number of glitches and technical failures. Many students were unable to login, several complained of non mobile accessible site, website crashing, non availability of right question papers & clarity of question reported. Even some were soughing that they could not upload their answer sheets; and many were met with error massages.

Meanwhile, On July 2, Delhi University (DU) announced the revised date sheet for its online open book examinations ( portal – ) for even semesters and final-year students of Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) from July 10.

DU also announced that the students can take the online mock tests from July 4 to understand the method of answering the questions in the Open Book Exams (OBE-2020) .

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But, unfortunately , the helping mock tests turns into a mockery for many students. Students are taking social medias to share their pathetic experiences of the number of glitches they faced during the registration process and others.

Just check some tweets :

Many students complained that despite trying to login several times on the official DU OBE portal , they unable to login , thus not able to take the mock test. A twitter user Akshita Ghusingha wrote “I have tried logging in 10 time already”

Glitches were reported in registration system for DU OBE online mock tests

A twitter user Nalini shared a screenshot with caption unknown error. She wrote “Except this error is neither, not unprecedented. The students have been protesting the online exams because we knew this is exactly what to expect out of DUs consistent incompetence ”

A Twitter user Aishani Jaiswal claimed that “here are the list of papers that were available on the OBE website today. Papers for Physics, Psychology, or LLB are entirely missing and that’s just off the top of my head ”

Another student said “It has been 30 minutes since the mock test began and the site is not operating as it is crashed. If this is how DU expects to conduct its online examinations , I think it’ll be blunder and just increase the stress of the students” . He shared a 504 error screenshot to show the actual problem during registration.

Glitches were reported in registration system for DU OBE online mock tests

During upload answer sheets , some student experience with 405 error (method not allowed)

Glitches were reported in registration system for DU OBE online mock tests

Another student of Chemistry sharing his problem said that “Sir, as per the guidelines of DU, today at 7:30 A.M there should be a mock test for P.G Chemistry be available. But when I registered and logged in myself and tried to search mock test for the same , i didn’t find it”

Glitches were reported in registration system for DU OBE online mock tests

Many DU students also complained related wrong question papers, unable to upload answer sheet, missing qiestion papers etc. A third year hons student wrote that he was given online mock test paper on the second year syllabus. Similarly, few also VI Semester students got IV Sem question papers.

Meanwhile, the academic and executive council members of the Delhi University also wrote to the VC asking him to scrap the online Open Book Examinations (OME) .

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