VAT on Diesel almost doubled 

New Delhi : Delhi government increases VAT (Value Added Tax) on Petrol from 27% to 30% and on diesel from 16.75% to 30% . Now the price of Petrol in Delhi increased by Rs.1.67 and Diesel by Rs.7.10 . Petrol will now cost Rs.71.26 a litre against Rs 69.59 per litre on Monday , and diesel prices went up to Rs 69.29 a litre as against Rs 62.29

According to Delhi government official, ‘hike in VAT in Petrol and Diesel is a revenue generation exercise. Government decided to so to meet its expenditure such as salaries etc. Govt. will revise this levy once revenues stabilizes in the coming months . ‘

Earlier, Kejriwal government has imposed a 70% special ‘Corona-fee’ on the minimum retail price (MRP) of alcohol in Delhi .

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