Young lady consumed alive after panchayat rebuffs assault

Young lady consumed alive after panchayat rebuffs assault blamed with 100 sit-ups, Rs 50,000 fine

Young lady consumed : Indeed, even as the country reels under the result of the Kathua gangrape, another awful gangrape has become known. A 16-year-old young lady was posse assaulted and therefore consumed to death before her relatives in Jharkhand’s Chatra locale on Friday.

Young lady consumed alive after panchayat rebuffs assault blamed with 100 sit-ups, Rs 50,000 fine

What’s more awful is that a relative guaranteed that as discipline for the assault, the town panchayat advised the charged to complete 100 sit-ups and pay the casualty’s family Rs 50,000, announced ANI news office

“Panchayat said that settle the issue by influencing charged to complete 100 sit ups and paying the casualty’s family Rs. 50,000,” the relative said.

News office ANI announced that 14 individuals have been captured for the situation.

As per neighborhood media reports, the young lady was stole by four adolescents from close to her home and assaulted. The relatives had gone to go to a marriage.

The episode occurred in Rajakendua town under Itkhori police headquarters in Chatra region – around 160 km from the state capital of Ranchi.

The issue was brought up in the town Panchayat on Friday morning. The Panchayat requested that the blamed pay Rs 50,000 to the casualty to settle the issue.

Maddened over the Panchayat diktat, the four blamed went to the young lady’s home and whipped her relatives and consumed her to death. The relatives have documented a case at the Itkhori police headquarters.

The four young people have been named as charged for the situation and a manhunt has been propelled to grab them.

In another assault occurrence in Palamau region, the town Panchayat requested that the assault charged pay Rs 15,000 to settle the issue.

A minor young lady was supposedly assaulted by her maternal uncle in the region on Wednesday night when she had gone to her maternal uncle’s home to go to a marriage.

The casualty returned home on Thursday and educated her relatives. The issue was taken to the town Panchayat which requested that the maternal uncle pay the fine.

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