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Creating art and making moolah from the comforts of home in pandemic times

BHOPAL: Artists from Bhopal, participating in an online art camp, said that it has not only given them an opportunity to work in these difficult corona times but is also bringing some income to them while sitting at home and adhering to corona protection norms.


The Madhyam Online Central Regional Camp, which began on December 16, will continue up to December 21. Artistes from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Bihar are participating in the camp, being organised by Pune-based Hina Bhatt Art Ventures. Nearly seven artistes from Bhopal have taken part in the camp.

Hina Bhatt is the ideator and programme coordinator of the camp, while Vasanth Rao is the curator and consultant. One senior artist from each of the participating states has been appointed mentor. The Ventures has organised separate camps for east, west, north, south and central zones.

Yusuf, a senior artist from the city and a former director of the Graphics Department of Bharat Bhavan is the mentor for the camp from the state.

Yusuf said that art camps are events where painters reside together at one place for some days, typically a week, and make paintings, however, due to the pandemic such events are not being organised.

Online art camps have emerged as an alternative. In these camps, the artistes make paintings sitting at their homes and get paid for them, he said.

According to Yusuf, such camps are godsend for young and upcoming artistes, who have been doing virtually nothing for the past nine months. That is not only extremely frustrating for the artists but has also landed them in financial problems, he added.

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