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Example of Communal Harmony : Hindu Couple Finds Shelter in a Muslim Home

Farooq Abdulla and Moumita Das in a frame (edited)

Humanity First : Beldanga set an example of harmony

Berhampore : Beldanga , a small town in Murshidabad district, witnessed a unique example of Hindu-Muslim unity and communal harmony. At the moment , India badly suffering due to coronavirus pandemic and nationwide lockdown. But, in this crisis period, a family from minority community in Beldanga set a shining example of communal harmony and amity.

Actually, due to nationwide lockdown amid of coronavirus spreading , a Hindu couple (Mithun Das and Moumita Das) from Goalpara (Assam) stranded in Bengal and found shelter in a Muslim home. Since , the couple neither had money to check into hotel nor any relatives in the community, they went to Murshidabad’s Beldanga block where Mithun Das had some business contacts.

The couple has since discovered shelter in the home of Farooq Abdulla ,nephew of the local gram panchayet member.

On his social media post Birupakshya Mitra , the BDO of Beldanga-1 block , said “A Hindu couple , who had come from Assam to Kolkata for treatment, got stuck in the lockdown. With the help of Abdulla , had few business contacts , the Hindu couple found a place to Mollapara of Mirzapur in Beldanga . Now the whole village stands by this Hindu family under the leadership of the of the head of the Mirzapur-1 gram panchayet “

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However, after getting informed , Beldanga-1 Block Development Officer (BDO) Birupakshya Mitra and Jamaluddin Mondal (Officer in Charge, Beldanga Police Station) meet the family and handed over a packet of essential to Moumita Das. Also, Mr Mitra promised to facilitate their return after lockdown .

Farooq Abdulla said that it is barely a month the family staying at Mirzapur. Even if they stay here for a year, this family will not have any problem.

Moumita Das said “there has no problem at all. The Abdulla family and the Mirzapur village are very much helpful and caring . The only problem is my two children are staying with a neighbor in Goalpara. “

Beldanga Mirzapur set an example of an outstanding communal harmony. It is the symbol of unity and fraternity of India.

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