Subrata Maitra (Kanchan) is the MLA of 72-Baharampore seat

Berhampore: As Covid-19 continue to unleash mayhem across India, thousands are dying everyday, some in hospitals, others at home. Due to the fear of coronavirus, numerous family members and neighbours are currently leaving dead bodies without any last action.

But, Subrata Maitra (Kanchan), BJP MLA from 72-Berhampore Assembly constituency (Murshidabad district), is an exception. A group of volunteers of Sahid Khudiram Pathagar under the leadership of Kanchan Maitra have conducted the funeral of a succumbed person from Madhupur (Baharampur).

In his Facebook post, Berhampore MLA wrote, “our activist Ujjwal’s father from Madhupur was died last night. At the present situation, everyone is terrified,. There is no one to unload the body in the reed crematorium. I wish him eternal peace of soul”

Subrata Maitra, popularly known as Kanchan, is a social activist and a founder member of a social group Sahid Khudiram Pathagar. In last West Bengal Assembly Election, Kanchan won the 72-Berhampore constituency seat beating Manoj Chakraborty of Congress and Nadu Gopal Mukherjee of TMC.

Kanchan provides help through his social service organisation “Sahid Khudiram Pathagar” by facilitating transportations of coronavirus victims’ and also organises funerals when family members or neighbours don’t come forward to conduct the last rites.

His organization also provides Oxygen and other necessary medical equipment to the needy people.

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