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Chemicals used to spruce up spoiled meat in West Bengal, say police

Chemicals used to spruce up spoiled meat in West Bengal, say police

The Kolkata Police, which on Thursday seized 20 tons of spoiled meat associated to be with dead creatures, have said that chemicals were utilized to capture decaying and dispose of the stench before the meat was pressed and provided to business sectors in West Bengal and neighboring states.

Chemicals used to spruce up spoiled meat in West Bengal, say police
Police said the accused used to collect meat of dead animals from different places in West Bengal.

Up until this point, 10 individuals, including a pioneer of a political outfit, have been captured regarding the case.

“The meat used to be provided primarily to the merchants of solidified sustenance things, restaurants, departmental stores in the state and its neighboring zones in Jharkhand, Odisha and Bihar. There are others from these neighboring states who are associated with the racket,” a senior cop said.

The Kolkata Police, alongside its partners in regions like Nadia, South and North 24 Parganas, have chalked out a guide to research the issue, the officer said.

Inquired as to whether the meat was provided to global markets like Nepal and Bangladesh, he stated, “Amid introductory scrutinizing, the individuals who have been captured have confessed to providing it to business sectors in Nepal. Be that as it may, we don’t know about it. Our officers are communicating with experts in Nepal,” he said.

Talking about the business as usual, the authority said the blamed used to gather the meat for dead creatures from better places in the state.

“To begin with they would wash the meat with formalin. At that point they isolated fat from the meat to capture decaying and infuse calcium propanoate (as a sustenance added substance). From that point forward, it was blended with aluminum sulfate and lead sulfate to dispose of the foul odor and afterward pressed and provided to various markets and eateries,” the officer clarified.

Then, on Saturday, the police led strikes at a shop offering chicken in Dakshindari region regarding their test into the case.

The West Bengal government has likewise coordinated all police headquarters in the city and locale to keep a watch on the offer of meat in their regions, authorities said.

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