She (Mamata) is Anti-Hindu: Tathagata Roy

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Tuesday, extended her support to Bengali actress Saayoni Ghosh over ‘hurting Hindu sentiments’ controversy said “there must be the right to freely express one’s personal opinion.

During her speech from Purulia public rally, TMC supremo told “If there is power, let the BJP put its hands on Saayoni”

“Despite his age, bhimrati (dotage) did not go’ Mamata Banerjee attacked on Tathagata Roy and said “he is threatening his granddaughter’s old daughter everyday”

“Touch Tollywood, if you have the power” Smt. Banerjee added “A girl in the film industry like Saayoni is threatening. I heard this morning that she is being threatened by the BJP.”

“BJP you threaten Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar. Where do you get the courage to threaten someone in Bengal ?” West Bengal Chief Minister also said “In Bengal, people will cover their faces with leukoplaster”

The ‘hurting Hindu sentiments’ controversy has began with a twitter meme shared by Saayoni Ghosh’s official Twitter handle in 2015, showing ‘condom on a Shivlinga’ used for an AIDS awareness advertisement with caption ‘Gods cudnt have been more useful”

Mamata stands with Saayoni Ghosh over Shivling controversy

Former governor of Tripura and West Bengal BJP veteran leader Tathagata Roy has filed a police complaint against actress Sayoni Ghosh for allegedly hurting his religious sentiments. The complaint was registered at Rabindra Sarobar Police station on Saturday, tweeted by Mr. Roy.

In his tweet massage, Mr. Roy said “Ms. Saayoni Ghosh, you have put a condom on a Shivlinga which was Hindus, including me, hold as holiest of holies! You have thus committed an offense under Section 295A IPC (deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting.. “

However, official reaction from Tathagata Roy has yet to come on Mamata Banerjee’s Purulia speech. But, in reply a twitter user Partha Sarathi’s questions, Mr Roy said “From what happened and what she said, we can come to this conclusion ! That is yes, she (Mamata Banerjee) is anti-Hindu”

Earlier on January 16, Saayoni Shosh tweet image statements both in Bengali and English versions read “Hello all, i had previously mentioned that this obnoxious tweet from 2015 was uploaded without my knowledge. And the moment I was made aware of that I heavily criticized it and deleted it immediately after informing the public”

“I never had any intention to hurt the sentiment of my own religion. I have always been vocal about my stance on certain issues and have never moved an inched away. However, the harassment and ordeal that I had to face today is deeply saddening. I have complete faith in the almighty who belongs to both you and me and the sensibilities of the judgement of the people of Bengal and my nation”

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