Nirav Modi Effect: RBI Stops Letters of Undertaking For Overseas Credit

Nirav Modi Effect: RBI Stops Letters of Undertaking For Overseas Credit

Nirav Modi Effect: The letters of undertaking (LoU) credit is in a perfect world implied for here and now as it were

Nirav Modi Effect: RBI Stops Letters of Undertaking For Overseas Credit

The Reserve Bank of India has suspended letters of undertaking (LoUs) or assurances for abroad credit after the Rs. 12,600 crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) extortion was uncovered a month ago. LoU credit is in a perfect world implied just for the here and now. It additionally fills the need of a bank ensure for a bank’s client for making installment to seaward providers in remote money.

In the Nirav Modi-Mehul Choksi case, the credit term was purportedly reached out a long ways past what was recommended in the lead book.

The RBI said its choice to scrap the act of issuing LoUs is taking effect right now. “On an audit of the surviving rules, it has been chosen to cease the act of issuance of LoUs/LoCs for Trade Credits for imports into India by AD Category I manages an account with prompt impact,” the national bank said in a warning.

Nirav Modi and the organizations he controls purportedly utilized the provisos in the keeping money framework by looking for LoUs and raising credit from remote banks to pay their vendors.


For as far back as seven years, Nirav Modi and his three firms – Diamond R Us, Solar Exports and Stellar Diamonds – had been supposedly taking LoUs from PNB’s Brady Road branch in Mumbai.

These bank ensures supposedly helped Mr Modi raise here and now advances from remote branches of Indian banks to pay to providers of crude material, for example, harsh stones.

Indeed, even PNB and different moneylenders are slugging out finished the credit term, which ought not have been reached out past 90 days, says PNB.

PNB has told police that it has likewise revealed extra presentation of about Rs. 9.42 billion regarding an enormous misrepresentation, as indicated by a court documenting.

PNB a month ago said it had been cheated of about Rs. 12,600 crore by two adornments bunches who raised credit from abroad banks in view of deceitful assurances issued in conspiracy with maverick PNB staff.

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