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Alex Zanardi has been rushed to Hospital in Italy

Rome (AP) : Four time Paralympic Champion and Former Formula-1 racer Alex Zanardi is undergoing head trauma after crashing his hand-bike while competing on road in Italy. The 53-year old Paralympian was lifted to Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena, with police confirming he was involved in a “serious accident” with a “heavy vehicle”

A Carabinieri police official in Montepulciano confirmed to the Associate Press that it was Zanardi involved in the accident , and that he believed the four time Paralympic Champion still alive.

According to the medical bulletin “Alex Zanardi’c condition is ‘very serious’ due to ‘severe cranial trauma’ and that after in a shock room he was undergoing ‘a delicate neurosurgery operation”

A viral video scene of crash showed what was apparently Zanardi’s hand bike lying on its side and missing two of its three wheels. A large truck pulling a semitrailer appeared parked on the road ahead.

Italian News paper Gazzetta dello sport reported that the accident happened when Zanardi was descending a hill, lost control and veered into ongoing traffic wher he was hit by a heavy vehicle.

Alex Zanardi is an Italian professional racing driver and para-cyclist. He won the CART championship in 1997 and 1998 in North America. He was reached in Formula one from 1991-1994 and again in 1999; his best result was a sixth place finish in 1993.

He returned to CART in 2001, but a major crash in the 2001 American Memorial resulted in the amputation of his legs.

Alex Zanardi, no doubt , a inspiration for millions.

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