UEFA Champions League : Liverpool VS Red Bull Salzburg Group Stage match (Image : Google)

Digital Desk , Salzburg : UEFA Champions League Group ‘E’ match 6 between Liverpool Red Bull Salburg . Get match update highlights , Live streaming , match statistics and goal scoring highlights. Liverpool VS Red Bull Salzburg UCL group stage match first half game already passed. Score highlight 0-0. Final 90 minutes gone. Liverpool win the match by 2-0 and in to UCL last 16.

Liverpool VS Red Bull Salzburg Live Streams

  • Match Ended . Liverpool in to Super 16. Liverpool beat Red Bull by 2-0.

  • 90′ – Substitution
  • Substitution for Liverpool 87′ – Origi In and Dominik Out
  • 86′ – Liverpool leading by 2-0 against Salzburg
  • 77′ – Salah gets away, Onguene in pursuit, and Salah waits for the challenge knowing he’s the stronger man. Sure enough, Onguene bounces off him, but the ensuing shot is too close to Stankovic, who saves.
  • 76′ ; Substitution for Red Bull – Masaya IN and Haland OUT
  • 75 ‘ – Milner replaces Firmino.

  • 71′ – Liverpool 2 – Salzburg -0

  • Another Substitution 68′ : Daka In and Junuzovic out.
  • 64′ – Minamino wins a free-kick, 30 yards out, marginally left of centre and Januzovic chips it over the top, but Wober can’t catch up with it

  • 59′ – What a finish this is! Henderson lofts forward for Salah, who streaks away down the right and what is that keeper doing?! Again he races out, Salah speed-waddles by him, and from a ludicrously acute angle, he snaps a right-footer which looks like it’s going to hit the near post, then curls out and away from it, nestling in the far side-netting! Game over! Group over!
  • Again GOAL – Salah Scored . Liverpool leading by 2-0.
  • Alexander-Arnold pings a lush ball out to Robertson, who chests down and slides Mane in inside him. He nips past Mwepu, who totally sells himself, and then Stankovic does likewise, rushing out to meet him without a prayer of getting the ball! So Mane clips a cross at Keita, who heads home with ease.
  • GOAL- Liverpool Scored . Leading by 1-0 against Salzburg . Naby Keita scored.
  • 53′ – Gomrez replaces Lovren
  • 52′ – First Yellow card for Sadi Mane, Liverpool Striker
  • 50′ – Ach! Firmino slides Salah through, he takes it around the keeper … except his touch isn’t strong enough and the keeper manages to poke the ball away from him! Then Salzburg counter, Minmino sticks a pass into Haaland, and his first touch is lovely, a chest that sets him for a shot. But he takes another which moves him away from goal, so he has to swivel into a shot that whooshes wide of the near post. How is this still 0-0?
  • 48′- Lovely from Mane, who’s developed into such a fine passer. He sees Salah running from right to left and slides a ball in behind to meet him, but Salah misses again!

  • 48′ – Lovely from Mane, who’s developed into such a fine passer. He sees Salah running from right to left and slides a ball in behind to meet him, but Salah misses again!

  • Second half match started . No score still manage.

  • Halftime : Salzburg- 0 – Liverpool FC -0
  • Liverpool-0 VS Red Bull Salzburg-0

  • Liverpool VS Red Bull match 41′ – Szoboszlai forces a ball back to Mwepu, back to goal, and his mate meets it beautifully, a field-gun of a shot thudding straight into Alisson’s midriff.

  • 3-0 Napoli! Milik has a hat-trick!
  • Match statistics after 37′ of game
  • Henderson pops into Salah, who gets his arse into Wober; Wober can’t help but foul him, just outside the box, right of centre .

  • 32′ – Liverpool FC -0 and Red Bull Salzburg -0
  • 29′ – And here they come, Januzovic finding Hwang, who could shoot from the edge but instead slips to Minamino outside him and Lovren pounces.
  • 28′ – Liverpool VS Red Bull Salzburg 0-0
  •  27′ – Milik has scored again for Napoli. If Liverpool win, they’re going through in second place, and if Liverpool don’t win, they’re going through as group winners.
  • 24′ – Lovely from Minamino, who look a player, and outside him, Haaland has made a good run, adjusting his feet beautifully to take the pass into stride. But Alisson has his angles right and smothers the low shot.

  • 21′ – Salah finds a moment on the ball and looks to slide a pass across the box for Mane, but Kristensen intercepts and Minamino counters, sliding Hwang outside him. He shoots low, and Haaland is there sniffing, either to divert it home or pounce on an error, but Allison holds.

  • 17′ – The thing is, much as Salzburg are trying to score, I bet they’d be delighted if it was still 0-0 at 70 minutes. I’d almost favour them then, because Liverpool will get nervous and their defence can be got at.
  • 14′ – Firmino finds Alexander-Arnold down the left, but Kristensen clears his cross.

  • 7′ – Lovely from Salzburg! Hwang finds space when he picks up a Haaland pass and scythes into the box, finding Minamino outside him, collecting the backheeled return and sending Henderson out for a box of crayons when he feints outside and cuts inside! But Allison is paying attention, rushing out as he’s in the process to smother the eventuating shot.
  • 4′ – Milik has out Napoli head. We knew this at kick-off, but if Liverpool lose tonight, chances are they’re out. And assuming Napoli win, they need to too to win the group.
  • 3′ –  This has been a fast start from the hosts, who are not messing about. The holders are in a game.
  • 2′ : Junozovic takes and Alexander-Arnold heads clear. The ball ends up wih Januzovic a second time, but his second cross goes away too and Szoboszlai shoots wide.
  • UCL Group E standings
  • Kick Off : match started
  • Liverpool VS Red Bull match line ups

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