Kyle Busch dominates in Coca-Cola 600

Kyle Busch dominates in Coca-Cola 600

Kyle Busch dominates in Coca-Cola 600 Wins every track as he is dominant and no one can come close to him. What a celebration after finishing the race at start-finish line.

How could this celebration — fireworks erupting over sprawling campers and shirtless, beer-drinking fans; sticky-hot rubber streaks painted all over the track; a fountain of colorful energy drink splashing and spraying all over the crowd — have felt so … understated?

Listen, Kyle Busch was incredible on Sunday during the Coca-Cola 600. Incredible. Heck, he probably deserves a more dynamic, impressive adjective than that.

En route to winning his first points-paying Cup race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Busch led 377 of a possible 400 laps, never had to pass anyone for the lead, and only ran the last 70 laps of the race as a formality.


“You know you have a decent-sized lead and you just want to hold that,” Busch said of the end of the race. “When you have a lead like that, you just have to take care of your car.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever had a car that good at Charlotte. … I could pretty much go anywhere I wanted.”

But as Busch was sliding across the finish line, his pit crew was … fine. Excited, sure, but calm. After past victories, they’ve hurdled the pit road wall and high-fived and shouted and — well, done all the typical celebration-y things you’d expect after a win.

Especially one of this magnitude. With Sunday’s victory, Kyle Busch became the first NASCAR driver in history — not Richard Petty, not Dale Earnhardt, not Jimmie Johnson, not anyone else — to have won a Cup Series race at every active track. Again, incredible.

And still, it was not an extraordinary celebration. Just some light cheering, then a casual walk to Victory Lane. Even as fans blurted out their own congratulatory exclamations, the pit crew remained somewhat subdued.

The celebration question

Why? Why no big, orchestrated, over-the-top ordeal?

Because although Busch was dominant, and although this win was historic, and although he now stands alone in NASCAR’s record books, this is something this team has come to expect. Certainly it was expected this night.

“Well, I don’t really know how to do cartwheels or backflips, but on the inside I was,” Adam Stevens, Busch’s crew chief, said. “Part of it was we were so good all day, you’re constantly thinking of what could go wrong.


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