LEBRON IS SHOCKED His Son's Dunk Attempt

LEBRON IS SHOCKED by His Son’s Dunk Attempt

It is not often that LeBron James appears absolutely bewildered on a basketball court. During his stellar career, the four-time MVP has pretty much seen it all and there is little, if anything, that can catch him off guard.

LeBron James looked like the relatable father when he caught a recent game featuring his 13-year-old son, LeBron James Jr., also known as Bronny.

Just last month, LeBron James Jr., the 13-year-old son of the Cavaliers star, came stunningly close to throwing down a dunk in practice. Now, he’s doing it in-game, and he’s getting even closer.

13-year-old LeBron James Jr. just inches away from throwing down the first in-game dunk

James Jr. is growing up in front of the whole world much like his father, he continues to get better every time we see him on the court. James Jr. handle is ridiculous for a middle schooler, he is also an amazing facilitator similar to his father. It’s difficult not to compare the two on the court but one thing James Jr. seems to have on his father is his ability to shoot the ball. Lebron has been on the record saying his son is a more advanced shooter than him at that age.

James Jr. is only in 7th grade but is already one of the most coveted recruits in college basketball. He reportedly has multiple division I offers already including Duke and Kentucky.

His son, LeBron Jr., however, managed to accomplish that feat as he tried to dunk over the weekend during a game valid for the “Balling on the Beach” tournament at Southwest Miami Senior High School.

The video even has James doing some dance moves, including a dab.

While LeBron’s eldest son did not successfully complete the dunk, his attempt clearly left his father very impressed.


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