Neeraj Chopra wins javelin Gold at Meeting International Sotteville

Neeraj Chopra wins javelin Gold at Meeting International Sotteville

Neeraj Chopra, India’s lance star, struck Gold in the Meeting International de Sotteville-les-Rouen in France late on Tuesday night. Chopra, who had won the gold award at the Commonwealth Games not long ago, tossed 85.17 meters to sack the best prize.

Neeraj Chopra wins javelin Gold at Meeting International Sotteville
Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal with a difference of 3.69 m from the silver medallist.

Neeraj is India’s best lance hurler and he demonstrated his strength by and by on the worldwide stage when he won the gold decoration with a gigantic edge.

While Neeraj Chopra tossed a separation of 85.17 m, the second best was Adrian Mardare of Moldova who tossed a separation of 81.48 m. The bronze award went to Edis Matusevicius of Lithuania whose best was 79.31 m.

Neeraj’s execution was splendid as he didn’t vacillate in even a solitary endeavor and finished every one of his rounds. Indeed, even as his score of 85.17 m came in his fifth endeavor, he approached his possible winning imprint in his third endeavor too.

Here are all the six endeavors from Neeraj:

FIRST ATTEMPT 75.55 metres
SECOND ATTEMPT 79.46 metres
THIRD ATTEMPT 85.12 metres
FOURTH ATTEMPT 81.27 metres
FIFTH ATTEMPT 85.17 metres
SIXTH ATTEMPT 82.11 metres

Indeed, even as Neeraj scooped the gold decoration with the toss, this was not in any case his best toss this season. Neeraj best toss till now came at the IAAF Diamond League where he enhanced his own national record with a toss of 87.43 meters to complete fourth in the season-opening leg.

Neeraj’s past national record remained at 86.48 m and he crossed the same in simply his second endeavor.

Prior in the year, Neeraj Chopra struck a gold decoration for India with a toss of 86.47m in Men’s Javelin Throw Final at the Commonwealth Games.

Neeraj, who is the World Junior Record holder, tossed 85.50m check in his first endeavor itself and remained over the pack all through the finals.

Neeraj struck his best of 86.47m in his fourth endeavor and fixed his Gold.

Neeraj is a piece of India’s squad for the Asian Games 2018 and there are high expectations from him as he will weapon for a gold award there too.


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