E3 2018 Bethesda Conference: Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield and More

We’re technically into day three of E3 2018. Bethesda just puts together one of the best E3 conferences of all time, right out of nowhere.

E3 2018 Bethesda Conference: EA kicked things off yesterday, and Microsoft had an extremely strong show earlier today (well, yesterday). But Bethesda wasn’t going to let Microsoft take all the glory, knocking it out of the park with the confirmation of The Elder Scrolls VI, Doom Eternal, and giving us more details about online RPG Fallout 76. There was even a performance from Andrew WK (the guy who sang Party Hard.)

When Bethesda announced it was showing off a new Fallout game at E3 this year, it was safe to assume that game would be the major focus of the show. That it would be what we were all be talking about afterwards.

In what I’d call one of the best E3 conferences in recent memory, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls VI, a new Doom, a new Wolfenstein, showed off Rage 2 and Fallout 76 (of course) and also showed off its first new IP in 25 years — a science fiction game called Starfield.

Let’s let’s Start in terms of Importance

Elder Scrolls VI

Twitch they did, though, at E3 2018. We finally got a solid announcement… and little else. But we now know that The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development.

For now, Bethesda isn’t ready to share details, but here’s everything we know about The Elder Scrolls 6 so far, based on rumors and interviews about the release date, location, and more. Keep track of this hub for updates as we learn more.

Before showing the teaser for The Elder Scrolls 6 at E3, Bethesda’s Todd Howard showed another trailer for Starfield, Bethesda’s first new wholly original franchise in 25 years (Fallout was originally an Interplay joint, remember). We don’t know much about Starfield, but we know that it’s coming before The Elder Scrolls 6.

“Starfield is a game we’ve spent years thinking about and working on, something we feel uniquely positioned to pull off, and we’re incredibly excited about,” Howard said. “But we’re also building toward the game after that… and it’s the one you keep asking about.”

  • Release Date

Years away. It’s not coming until after Starfield, Bethesda’s next big project, which itself has no release date and only a teaser trailer. Full development on The Elder Scrolls 6 likely won’t start until that project is finished, which likely puts The Elder Scrolls 6’s release date sometime in the early 2021s. We know—that’s a long wait.

“But we’re also building toward the game after that… and it’s the one you keep asking about.”

This teaser means that the new Starfield game will be released before The Elder Scrolls 6, which could mean fans will be waiting several years for the next adventure.

No official release date was announced for The Elder Scrolls 6, but fans should expect more details at next years E3 2019 conference.

A release date will likely be scheduled for some time after 2021.

This release date would mean that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be on the PS5, should it happen.

Sony has already said they won’t be unveiling any new hardware at E3 2018, but fans are still hoping for a big surprise from PlayStation.

Given that the release will not be for another few years at least, it could be on a whole new console system, especially after rumours surfaced of a new PS5 being released from Sony.

Sony has not officially announced when they will be launching a PS5, though fans speculate it could be released anywhere between 2018 and 2021.


Bethesda’s sci-fi epic. The rumours are true, Bethesda’s next adventure will be headed to space.

At its E3 2018 press conference Sunday, Bethesda confirmed that the long-rumoured title Starfield is indeed happening.

“Starfield is a game we’ve spent years thinking about and working on,” Bethesda director and executive producer Todd Howard told the crowd at E3. As Bethesda itself noted, it’s been a long time since it released a brand-new franchise.

  • Release Date

So far, no platforms or dates have been attached to Starfield, but for fans waiting for years for an official confirmation, just knowing it’s a thing may be enough for now.

Bethesda has a reputation for turning games around soon after announced a new adventure.

When they announced Fallout 4 in 2015, they managed to release the game less than six months after its initial announcement, though fans should not expect the same to happen with Starfield.

No official release date has been confirmed for Starfield, with the game to get more details at E3 2019 next year.

Fan theorists suggest Bethesda released this trailer at E3 2018 to avoid inevitable leaks of the trailer later on down the line, giving them control of what is released and when.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a new type of online experience.

Earlier at Microsoft’s E3 conference, you’d be forgiven for thinking Fallout 76 was a brand-new Fallout game.

It is expressly an online video game. “Of course you can play this solo,” explained Howard. But he also mentioned that Fallout 76 is “entirely online”.

Fallout 76 was announced just a couple of weeks ago. We now know it’s coming out November 14 this year, and we also know the game will be getting a beta–the Break-it Early Test Application. Finally, the game is getting a cool-looking collectors’ edition that contains a glow-in-the-dark map and real, wearable Power Suit helmet.

  • The idea of Fallout 76

Every human you meet in the world is an actual human being in real life. But Howard stressed that this is a game that will be played with dozens of other players, not hundreds. Survival is the focus.

Howard did an incredible job of communicating the concept of this game to a player-base that might not interested in playing an online version of Fallout. “It’s a little bit scary,” he admitted but tried to communicate that it was a journey he hoped to take with a community used to single-player experiences.

  • Release Date

Fallout 76 launching this November – Bethesda Game Studios holding a beta. November 14, 2018. Not long!

Fallout 76’s titular vault will open Nov. 14, 2018, publisher Bethesda Softworks announced today during its BE3 Showcase ahead of E3 2018.

Bethesda announced Fallout 76 at the end of May with a teaser trailer showing off the well-maintained Vault 76. The vault, which was mentioned in both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, was designed for humanity to be able to rebuild civilization after The Great War when a nuclear apocalypse destroyed much of the life on Earth. Fallout 76 takes place in 2102, just 25 years after the bombs fell; it is the earliest game in the series’ timeline. READ MORE HERE…

Rage 2

Rage 2 was the sequel nobody asked for, but we’re getting it, so it might as well be a souped-up shooter in the style of Mad Max: Fury Road by a developer who literally just got done making a Mad Max video game.

Considering the aesthetic we’ve seen so far, Rage 2 is everything you thought it might be: It’s pitching itself as a frenetically paced shooter. Think Bulletstorm, think Sunset Overdrive. This could be a lot of fun.

This Rage 2 trailer came about after a teaser trailer was first leaked online early on May 14, before officially being unveiled by Bethesda later on the same day. This isn’t the only leak that’s pestered the unveiling of Rage 2, as Walmart Canada originally revealed a listing for the game in early May 2018, causing the official Rage Twitter account to poke a bit of fun at the retailer, while also crucially never denying that the listing was real and not a fake.

  • Release Date

The first time we saw proper gameplay footage for Rage 2 was at Bethesda’s E3 2018 presentation on June 10. The demo for Rage 2 kicked off with Andrew WK of all people taking the stage. After the awkward camera cuts to the perplexed audience, Avalanche developers came out to talk the game up.

Protagonist Walker kicked off the gameplay footage, talking about how his parents were killed, and that he’s the last ranger of the wasteland. We then got some pre-alpha footage of Rage 2, where Walker is out to find a rare artefact.

RAGE 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019. More on RAGE 2 will be revealed at E3 2018 in June. RAGE 2 is not coming to Nintendo Switch.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

I can’t believe they pulled this off. I actually enjoyed an E3 inside joke. Please give me my Alexa Skyrim Edition.

It turns out, though, Skyrim: Very Special Edition is a very real thing. In case you missed it, Bethesda ran a skit starring Keegan Michael-Key as a gamer who plays a version of Skyrim using only his.

Key was shown giving Amazon Alexa commands in the game, sort of like a text adventure or a tabletop RPG. It was pretty funny, partly because everyone loves to joke about Bethesda continuing to find new platforms to bring Skyrim to and new ways to re-release the seven-year-old game.

It’s all fun and games until you realise you can actually play Skyrim: Very Special Edition. If you own an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, you can ask Alexa about the Skyrim skill.

The Skyrim Very Special Edition is actually very real and you can download it right now.

According to the listing, the Skyrim Very Special Edition allows you to “take your rightful place as the Dragonborn of legend (again) and explore Skyrim using the power of your voice…your Thu’um!”

The description also includes a list of bullet points that indicate what you, as a Dragonborn, can expect to do on Alexa, including; Guard your knees against arrows, walk straight up a mountain instead of going around, fail to collect all stones of Barenziah for like the 5th time, and…wait for it…open wooden doors.

While Alexa fans will no doubt be thrilled to finally be able to play Skyrim on their devices, it appears that the Etch-a-Sketch, Pager, and Samsung Smart Refrigerator versions are, unfortunately, not real. Though, with Skyrim, the dream is always alive.

DOOM Eternal

Doom was a game that looked terrible right up until it was on sale and actually really, really good. A sequel was a no-brainer and we got it. Bethesda showed very little of this game, but it definitely exists. Plan is to show more at QuakeCon in August.

Doom Eternal takes place at least partially on Earth, as teased in the above trailer and confirmed by the developers themselves at Bethesda’s E3 2018 press conference. It’s appropriate, since the original Doom took place on the Martian moon of Phobos before heading to humanity’s home in Doom 2: Hell on Earth.

How long will you have to wait to rip and tear your way through a new host of demons? Um, we don’t know yet. Sorry! Bethesda didn’t reveal a release date or window along with Doom Eternal, though it did say we can look forward to the gameplay reveal at QuakeCon on August 10. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date then too.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

A new Wolfenstein title was announced which focuses on B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters, and is set in 80s Paris. There’s also a Wolfenstein VR game coming out called Cyberpilot.

Not enough for you? Wolfenstein 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch in a few weeks “in our message to bring the message f*** Nazis to every platform possible.”

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a brand-new co-op game unveiled at the Bethesda BE3 Showcase 2018. The game takes place in 1980, 19 years after BJ Blazkowicz ignited the second American Revolution in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood introduces the next Blazkowicz generation to the fight against the Nazis. Play as one of BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph, as you search for your missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris.

This is an amazing concept for a game, and the quality of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, the previous game in the series, gives us even more reason to be optimistic. We look forward to sharing more news about Wolfenstein: Youngblood before its release in 2019.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions will be a free-to-play game. The new trailer for Quake Champions but not much other news on that front. Apart from the fact ‘Quake Dad’ will haunt that poor man forever.

There are a number of Quake players that just want to play their Quake, right? And they are familiar with the business model of our previous games, and they are totally fine.

What that means is that players who purchase the game will gain access to all of Quake Champions‘ characters while those free-to-play players will be able to use in-game currency to gain access to new Champions for a limited period of time. It’s not clear how long you will be able to access purchased Champions via the latter method, but Willits did say that he doesn’t want to use the word “rent” in regards to the nature of the transaction.

Players on both sides will have the chance to use in-game currency on other unlockables such as rune challenges and skins. Additionally, free-to-play and paid players will compete in the same brackets on the same maps using the same weapons. At this time, it appears the only potentially meaningful gameplay concept that requires currency are the characters themselves.

Quake Champions doesn’t have a release date as of yet. Strogg, the main bad guy from Quake II and IV, is making his way to Quake Champions in an upcoming April update.

PREY: Mooncrash

Arkane Studios teasing Prey content for a while now. There was no surprise to have a new Prey DlC Mooncrash announcement. It’s available now. In addition, a new free update is being rolling out tonight which adds new game plus, survival mode, and story mode options.

If that’s not enough, later this summer a new multiplayer mode called Typhon Hunter will also be available. It’s a lethal game of hide and seek where one player is a goes against five mimics who can disguise themselves as anything.



The Elder Scrolls: Legends



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