The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Relaunch - Getting a New Wireless Controller And is finally back in stocka

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Relaunch – Getting a New Wireless Controller

Nintendo’s much-sought NES Classic Edition is finally back in stock

Nintendo is relaunching the miniature NES Classic today, but that’s not all retro fans have to get excited about. 8BitDo has also announced a new, redesigned wireless controller for the micro-console, which is available today for preorder. The company previously made the best wireless option for the NES Classic back in 2016, and while the new version isn’t a huge shift, it does include a few notable improvements.

The biggest change is the addition of a dedicated home button, something Nintendo still hasn’t added, even with the SNES Classic follow-up. The gamepad also features a slightly different layout, with the four main face buttons arranged in a square, as opposed to a cross, and a new darker color scheme. Other than that, the new controller — dubbed the N30 2.4G — is virtually the same as its predecessor, with 2.4G wireless, a rechargeable battery, and a basic adaptor that makes for a simplified plug-and-play experience.

It’s not clear when the new controller will start shipping, but you can preorder now for $24.99.

Nintendo re-released the NES Classic Edition due to its popularity among fans. The company first released the miniaturized gaming system in 2016, when it sold out quickly due to high demand. And last year, the Japanese gaming giant released the Super NES Classic Edition which, as expected, quickly flew off shelves after retailers got a hold of them.

Available for $59.99, the NES Classic Edition brings back mid-1980s nostalgia for gamers. The re-released set includes 30 pre-loaded games, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and The Legend of Zelda.

Where to Buy


The NES Classic Edition is available on Amazon’s website, as well as in Amazon Books stores around the country. As of Friday morning, there were only a few gaming systems left on Amazon’s website, so act fast. Customers traveling to Amazon Books locations can check the availability at the store ahead of time using the Amazon app, the retail giant said.

Best Buy

Best Buy made the NES Classic Edition gaming systems available on June 29 in stores and online. However, by mid-morning on Friday, the console was already sold out online. Customers who lined up outside before they were re-released were only able to purchase one system per person, the company said.

It’s likely Best Buy will re-stock its shelves and online store with consoles, so keep checking back if you haven’t purchased one already.


GameStop is also selling the NES Classic Edition, with products available online and in stores around the country. The NES Classic Edition will arrive by July 3 if purchased Friday, according to GameStop, and customers can check availability by calling their local store ahead of time.


The NES Classic Edition was sold out on Target’s website as of Friday morning, but it’s possible products are still available in stores. Customers can check their store’s availability online here, where they can narrow their searches down to include locations near them with NES Classic Editions still available.


The product appeared to have been available online at ThinkGeek, but the site was sold out by mid-morning on Friday.


If you’re willing to pay a bit more, eBay may be an option. NES Classic Edition gaming consoles are available on the online store for around $80 and up, with some going for more than $100.

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