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Cambridge Analytica push: ‘It is all false,’ Congress challenges Modi govt to dispatch test into Christopher Wylie’s declaration

Congress on Tuesday precluded all affirmations from claiming to be a customer of Cambridge Analytica and hit back at Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for ”false” purposeful publicity.

Reacting to Cambridge Analytica informant Christopher Wylie’s declaration, Congress representative Randeep Surjewala tested BJP-drove government to dispatch a test into the charges of Congress being a customer of the information rupture British firm.

“It is all false. Why is India’s unendingly lying Law Minister tossing claims in the media, he is in control for what reason doesn’t he demonstrate all confirmation and after that enlist an FIR. We move you. They fear they will be uncovered in the event that they test,” Surjewala was cited as saying by news office ANI.

Prior on Tuesday, Prasad in a progression of tweets thrashed Congress president Rahul Gandhi for ”information burglary and attempting to control voters” and said he owes a statement of regret to the country.

“Cambridge Analytica is in the dock for information burglary and endeavouring to control voters utilizing unlawful means. It has been built up that Congress was a customer of Cambridge Analytica. Congress Party needs to apologize to the country for information burglary and attempting to control voters,” Prasad posted on Twitter.

“Cambridge Analytica shriek blower Christopher Wylie has acknowledged before British Parliamentary board that Cambridge Analytica worked for the Congress Party.This indicates what we have been stating from the very first moment. Rahul Gandhi has been attempting to redirect consideration all these while,” he said.

“Rahul Gandhi needs to apologize to the country for attempting to subvert India’s decision procedure utilizing the Brahmastra of Cambridge Analytica. The country requests an answer!” he included.

In sensation disclosure in information rupture case, Cambridge Analytica shriek blower Christopher Wylie on Tuesday named Congress as ‘customer in India’.

Removing before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee of the UK Parliament, Wylie stated: “I trust their [CA’s] customer was Congress, yet I realize that they’ve done a wide range of undertakings both territorially… I don’t recall a national venture, I know locally.”

“I mean India is so huge, one state could be as large as Britain. Be that as it may, they do have workplaces there, they do have staff there. I trust I have some documentation in India which I can likewise give to the panel,” he told the British Lawmakers.

A week ago, the administration had issued a notice to Cambridge Analytica, the firm at the focal point of Facebook clients’ information break, looking for its reaction by March 31 on whether it was engaged with abuse of information to profile Indians and impact their voting conduct.

The notice likewise looked for the organization’s reaction to the elements which connected with Cambridge Analytica, the technique utilized by it for ownership of information and whether assent was taken from clients.

“The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, has issued a notice… To Cambridge Analytica, wherein the genuine break of respectability and abuse of information proposed to profile and impact voting conduct has been featured,” the IT service said in an announcement.



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