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40,000 Irish citizens have been requested to come home

40,000 Irish citizens have been requested to come home

Nearly 40,000 Irish citizens have been urged to return home to vote in a referendum on repealing the country’s tough abortion laws, in the hope of tipping the odds in favour of reform. 40,000 Irish citizens have been requested to come home.

According to the latest polls, 56 per cent of the country will vote to repeal Ireland’s eighth amendment, which allows abortions only in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, while 27 per cent oppose reform, and around one in seven are undecided.

One poll on Sunday suggested that support for repeal was growing, in an apparent reversal of a recent trend that suggested the result would be too close to call. Though the pro-choice Yes campaign has held a consistent majority since the referendum was announced, experts warn the high number of undecided voters – and concerns of “abortion on demand” in Ireland – could produce a shock No vote.

A man walks in front of a pro-choice mural urging a yes vote in the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution, a subsection that effectively outlaws abortion in most cases, in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, on May 10, 2018. ARTUR WIDAK/AFP/Getty Images

As a result, Ireland’s cohort of workers in the EU and beyond are flocking back to the emerald isle – encouraged by the HomeToVote campaign – to cast their vote in what many regard as a long overdue vote on women’s rights.

Some are returning from as far away as Kenya, Canada and Australia.

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